Sample Paper for Micro Controller

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Sample Paper for Micro Controller given with this page which are very important for the semester examination for Engineering.

Introduction of Micro controller 

Micro controller is the single integrated circuit with small memory single core processor input/output peripherals devices.This was the initial stage of building the processors of any computer.With the help of Micro controller small operations like ADD,SUB,MUL.DIV etc are possible with supporting assembly language programming.


Important Question of Micro controller

Micro controller Sample Paper


Q 1 What is 8051 micro-controller system?  ? Give its block diagram representation? Also describe its all ports in details?

Q 2  How micro-controller is a embedded system? give internal architecture of a 8 bit micro- controller with block diagram ? Explain the full blown micro-controller and also tell how it is  preferential over others?


memory organization

Q 3 From the complex structure explain the memory organization of 8051 in details and also give brief summary of ram in that?

Q 4 .What is interrupts?How many interrupts are there in 8051? Explain interrupt handling scheme? Give interrupt handling flag register table ? Explain function of each in them  with its neat diagram?


Q 5 .Give the application of micro-controller as A to D converter? Tell how they are interfaced to 8051?

Q 6 .Explain the clock generating system ? give details of the reset circuit in 8051  ?   why external clock is required in 8051? What happen after reset button is pressed?


Q 7  Why LCD is preferred over LED? Give LCD interface with 8051  ?  Also give pin description of LCD with suitable diagram ?

Q 8 .What is keyboard matrix ? How we cam see key pressed in a 4*4 matrix  ?   Give algorithm for the process ? Write a assembly language program for the interface of key board with 8051

One word type Question

1.How Many Interrupts in 8051 can handle?

2.How many address line are there in 8051?

3.How many data line are there in 8051?

4.How many PINs are there in 8051?

5.How much ROM 8051 can hold internally?

6.How many serial data lines are there in 8051?

7.How many parallel data line are there in 8051?

8.How many timer are there in 8051?

9.How many Registers are there in 8051?

10.How many 16 bit Registers are there in 8051?

Question with Answers

Q 1 What do you mean by the term embedded controllers ?

Ans: The devices that has all the functional blocks on chip, including the program and data memory andthere is no
external data/address bus provided. For example, ATMEL89C2051.

Q 2 Discuss the advantages of micro controllers over microprocessors in control applications?

Ans: The first main advantage is that the ALUs can be assembled together horizontally to form computers that can
handle very large data at a time. Another advantage is bit slice design that makes use of possible bipolar
chip technology that is very fast.

Q 3 What are RISC and CISC processors?

Ans: RISC chips requires lesser hardware implementations, which makes them simpler to design and hence lesser costs
of production.

Q 4 What are SFR?

Ans: The 128 bytes of on-chip additional RAM locations from 80H to 0FFH are reserved for the special functions and
therefore these are called as special function register.

Q 5 What is RegisterIndirect Addressing:
Ans It uses any one of the registers R0 to R7 from the selected register bank, as pointer to the location in the 256 bytes of data memory.

Multiple Type Questions

Q 1 Acess  time  is  faster  for

(a)ROM             (b)SRAM (c)           DRAM (d)          EPROM


Q 2 In  8255,under  the  I/O  mode  of  operation,  we  have…… modes

(a)3              (b)2             (c)4                (d)1


Q 3 For  the  most  static  RAM,  the  maximum  acess  time  is  about

(a)1ns              (b)10ns           (c)100ns         (d)1 micro sec


Q 4 Which  interrupts  has  highest  Priority

(a)INTR            (b)TRAP                (c)RST 7.5           (d)RST6.5


Q 5 In  8085  name  the  16 bit  registors.

(a)Stack  Pointer      (b)Program  Counter       (c)IR       (d)a and b


Interview Question of Micro controller

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    Micro controller is a unit which based on a single integrated chip. Now the article helps me a lot to know about the details of the 8051 chip, basically used in Micro controller. The possible questions regarding the Micro controller given on the article complete my query over the topic and I hope that it will help me even in my exams.

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