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Sample questions of Mathematics

1. If f(z)=(z-1)/(z+1) , then f(f(z)) will be equal to

a) 1/z            b)-1/z         c)-z                d) z

2. How many 6-digit numbers have all their digits either all odd or all even?

a) 15625      b) 30225        c) 28125        d) 18425

3. A person has 4 children with at least two boys. Find the probability of having at least 3 boys among the children.

a) 1/3           b) 3/4             c) 1/4              d) 1/2

4. If w,v,x,y,z are non-negative integers less than 11 then the number of  possible solution sets (w,v,x,y,z) such that 11^4 w+ 11^3 v+ 11^2 x +11 y +z= 151001 is?

a) 2                b)0                  c)3                  d)1

5. The number of distinct triangles with integral valued sides and perimeter equal to 14 is?

a)3                b)5                  c)2                  d)4

6. 30 men working 5 hr. a day can do a work in 16 days. In how many days will 15 men working 8 hr. a day do the same work?

a)16 days                  b)21 days                 c)20 days                  d) 15 days

7.  A certain sum of money trebles itself in 6 years. In how many years it wil be Seven times?

a)15 years              b)18 years                c)17 years                d) 20 years

8. Find the ratio of the diameter of the circles inscribed in and circumscribing an equilateral triangle to its height?

a)1:2:3                      b)3:2:1                      c)1:3:4                       d)2:1:3

9. Two numbers P and Q are 20% and 28% less than a third number R. Find by what percentage is the number Q less than P?

a)12               b)8                  c)10                d)9

10. In what ratio should two quantities  of coffee powder having the rates of Rs. 47 per kg and Rs. 32 per kg be mixed in order to get a mixture that would have a rate of Rs. 37 per kg?

a)2:1              b) 1:2             c)3:1              d)4:1

11. A man bought 100 kg of rice for Rs. 1100 and sold it at a loss of as much money as he received for 20 kg rice. At what price did he sell the rice?

a) Rs. 10.33 per kg        b) Rs. 9 per kg      c) Rs. 8.95 per kg   d) Rs. 9.166 per kg

12.  If x^2+ax+b leaves the same remainder 5 when divided by x-1 or x+1 then the values of a and b are respectively?

a) 4 and 0     b) 0 and 3     c)0 and 4      d)3 and 4

13. If  log 2= 0.301, find the number of digits in (125)^25?

a)52               b)53               c)49                d)64

14.  How many figures are required to number a book containing 150 pages?

a) 324                  b) 425                c)360             d)342

15. A pair of fair dice are rolled together till a sum of either 4 or 7 is obtained. The probability that 4 comes before 7 is?

a)0.33                b) 0.4             c) 0.45           d) 0.67

Solution Key

1-        b                                    8- a

2-        c                                    9- c

3-        b                                    10- b

4-        d                                    11- d

5-        d                                    12- c

6-        c                                    13- b

7-        b                                   14- d

15-       a

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  1. SOURAV MAITY says:

    This set of questions is very good and it is very much useful to the candidates who are willing to appear for SAT exam.

  2. Ritika says:

    Mathematics is a subject that needs immense practice to develop skills in it. Practice Papers are very helpful in serving that purpose & providing a speed enhancement technique.

  3. Sounak Ghosh says:

    SAT exam was firstly called scholastic aptitude test but now it is known as scholastic assessment test is a standardized test for college admissions in US.It is intended to assess a student’s readiness for college.Mathematics is a key subject for scoring marks in this exam..This sample paper will surely enrich the skills of the upcoming aspirants…

  4. Soubarna Biswas says:

    Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), a gateway to US, is a very important exam for those who aim to study in US after schooling. And as we know Maths is a very important subject. This sample paper gives very good selected question samples for preparation of SAT.

  5. Khyati Miglani says:

    SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test. The above article contains the questions and answer key of that questions. Students must try the questions themselves first and then check the answer key. Helpful for interested candidates.

  6. Sayantan Ghosh says:

    Contains a good set of questions from different areas. One must go through them and try to solve such type of questions. Very helpful to the aspirants.

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