the art of doing work

The Art of Doing Work

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The Art of Doing Work

the art of doing work

the art of doing work

I don’t agree that HIV, Diabetes, Cancer are the worst diseases this human society can ever face. There is a disease which is worst of all. Hiding at the darkest corner of your heart or Brain. The mother and father of all epidemics. One with which every human is suffering.

The disease is called “Desire”.

The Desire to possess, to lord over nature. You can disagree but believe me the dog in your neighbor house is infected too. Not only that, even the cockroach that is hiding in your kitchen is a patient in ICU. From the moment a person is born till the very last breath, he wants this..he wants that..One more second Death angel,,let me complete my never ending wish list..In a Transactional Analysis novel, a great psychologist Eric Berne says, every living being cannot stop thinking. He/She is hungry for stimulus. Wants care, success, fame, money, love, protection everything. And eventually, if he fails, he considers himself as a loser, playing Blame games, torturing himself and worst committing suicides.

It means there is some problem in what we want and how we approach for to our desires…Or lets cut a one or two words…There is a problem in how we desire. I remember of asking myself is there any end to this wanting? It did not take more than a minute to reach to NO. I see, these Wanto-sapiens folks are unable to cope up this high degree of Wantness. They want everything to be comfortable..or to get peace..peace of mind and peace of body..Buying pieces of world, commodities as a measure to find peace….Concluding directly, everybody in this whole world wants a single thing ‘PEACE’.  “I want peace, but how can I get it?” is the question for which everybody is seeking answer. I looked for the answer almost everywhere, using every single neuron of my brain, but all that went in vain. Being unable to find its answer myself I approached to my Master, my Teacher at ISKCON.  He at once told me, “Remove ‘I’ and ‘Want’ from this sentence and you will get ‘peace’”. Behold all morons, do not jump guns and reach your conclusions foolishly. These are few of the wisest words I ever heard. It simply means remove your self- interest and desires and here you get your peace. Simple enough! But that was half of the solution. How can one live without wanting or doing anything? Being unable to find my answer in the present I searched in the past. And there I discovered the golden thread.

The answer to all problems. The Krishna Key..Why not ask the wisest of all? What’s the problem in asking God?  Through Bhagwat Gita, I got my answer from Lord Krishna Himself. He told me ‘The Art of Doing Work’. I am not Arjuna, but I found before being preached, he was equally bewildered as all of us. While reading Gita, I asked my God how should I desire or how should I work to fill my all wants.  The incarnation of God Vishnu, the creator of the universe, Krishna, told me there are three modes of this material and perishable world, namely Tamoguna, Rajoguna and Satvaguna, symbolizing the modes of ignorance, passion and goodness. It is impossible for any living being to get out of these three.

Still being curious enough, I asked Him to explain each one of these. Answering my childish curiosity, He explained them as, ” The mode of ignorance causes delusion of all living beings. The result of this mode is madness, indolence and sleep which bind the conditioned soul. The mode of passion is born of unlimited desires and longings. The mode of goodness being purer than the others is illuminating. Those situated in this mode develop knowledge and become conditioned by the concept of happiness”. Fools might consider it an anecdote ,to the wiser this is The Krishna Key..Being the part of nature, it is impossible to get free from them. Staying cool is being is Satvaguna. Just do your work considering it a duty which has to be done. Forget about your good and bad results. Don’t let your Rajoguna hover over you, making you feel edgy. Otherwise downfall to Tamoguna, the catastrophe is close enough. While facing the odds, let bygones be bygones. Consider Him as your Boss and yourself as His junior. If he makes profits then you might get bonus and if suffers loss, believe me He is noble enough not to throw you out of His organization if you work honestly. Fake blandishments cannot fool Him. If the fruit of your labor is sweet then remain humble, otherwise its ok, don’t worry. Just believe His promise, you are under His aegis. Words of God cannot be incorrect. They are perfect because they are coming from The Perfect. Key to Satvaguna is both simplest and the hardest at the same time. The lesson to turn up the trumps. Just keep doing your work and forget about results. That is the Art of Doing Work.

The writer is a student

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12 Responses to The Art of Doing Work

  1. anshul agarwal says:

    The blog is impressive enough and i agree to what you say.. keep it up.. (y)

  2. Khyati Miglani says:

    Very well said. Bhagwat Gita is an answer to all problems. As we all have seen the movie Oh My God OMG, in that movie also this thing has been told that there is solution of every problem in it. The above article actually tell us about the art of doing work. Really an impressive article. One should learn many things through this article.

    • ANSHUL SINHA says:

      Thanks..but the credit goes to Bhagwat Gita..
      + The real thing is not writing and reading posts..Whether people will apply this formula on themselves matters more..

  3. Swarn Priya says:

    The way of writing this script is just awesome…we read these type of articles often but we skip lines and come to the end.But while reading this i feel like going through each and every word carefully.Its very interesting,motivating and of course very knowledgeable.Hats off to the writer.

  4. Tapash Mazumder says:

    A great effort put together with pious conscience. A very out of the box approach towards explaining the difference between “desire” and “effort”. This article clearly cultivated a peaceful thinking of the “Art of Doing work”



  6. Mrityunjay Kumar Singh says:

    A very good, intellectual scripts by the author. This article is like an catalysts. Always reminding us us our main objective. ” Karma is Dharma ” In order to achieve good karma it is important to live according to Dharma. This involves doing what is right for an individual, the family, the community and also for the universe itself.
    Dharma is like a cosmic norm, if some one goes against the norm it can result in bad karma.So Dharma affects the future according to your karma. Thank you for the Script.

  7. ANSHUL SINHA says:

    @Abhinav Gupta: Thanks Abhinav, but my soul is not that pure. Regarding you question..Problem does not lie only in desire.But the effect of desire, which I call as the degree of Wantness…For example- When you are hungry, you are desiring food..Bcoz its a necessity…Filling stomach to live is a necessity..But over-eating just for the satisfaction of ur tongue is a negative effect of desire..Which I call a high degree of wantness..Desiring for development is good..Its necessary..But question is,,at what cost are u developing? Similarly, work for the good of others earns u good Karma,as said by Gita,,but help should not become spoon-feed. Desiring for helping others is appreciable, but do not desire so much that others start taking advantage of u and ur noble emotions towards them..In short, desire only what is necessary to sustain.

    • Abhinav Gupta says:

      thanks for your reply….thats all what is there in my mind that you said and i am totally agree with you… essentially what it means is i think is that desire should be in controlled form an that too are in harmony with others.

  8. Abhinav Gupta says:

    An article from a pure soul…enlightening minds but I always have a question in my mind which is, isn’t living in present and living at source while desiring something leads to god. What will happen to this world if humans never desired of those developments which we are using in every part of life. If ever anyone instructed by god to discover or invent something? I think its all human desire and curiosity to make a developed life which is resulted into this world.
    I don’t think that anyone will be able to feel gratified or content without fulfilling his own desire to succeed. Does working for good of others in anyway is not a pure desire of human soul to reduce suffering of world and his ownself.

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