Sample question paper of Electrical Technology

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  • Total time allotted-3 hrs
  • All questions are compulsory
  • Total marks-100
  • Answer the questions in your own words

This sample paper is divided into 4 parts:-

Question TypeMarks allotted
Very Shot answer question1 mark
Shot answer question4 marks
Long answer question6 marks
Very long answer question10 marks

Note:- All the questions are compulsory. Questions ranging from 1 to 5 carry 4 marks each, 6 to 8 carry 5 marks each, 9 to 13 carry 6 marks each and last question carries 10 marks.


1. How can we use a transformer to step down the voltage which is given in the input of this?

2. What is mutual induction? How can this help us produce electric field into different components?

3. What is leakage flux? Comment if this is useful or harmful in the transformer?

4. What are the different types of losses in electric transformers? Explain eddy current loss in details with the help of labelled diagram?

5. What is voltage, current and resistance? Derive their relation with each others?


6. According to figure, give Ideal power equation?

Fig 1

Fig 1

7. What is resonance circuit? Derive a formula for the resonance frequency used in this circuit?

8. What is Guass’s law for electrical field? Write all the Maxwell’s equations as well being used in this?


9. Define the following terms given below in brief.

  •   Filters
  •   Form factor
  •   Three phase system

10. What is electromotive force(emf)? Give all the mathematical terms included in details?

11. What is Faraday’s law? Give proof and write all the Faraday’s equations going to be used in this law?

12. Write the differences between DC & AC?

13. What is Lorentz force in magnetic field? What is the significance of this?


14. What is Electrical technology? What are the applications of Electrical technology?

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