Service Recovery and Guarantee

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Service Recovery and Guarantee

A good an effective service recovery can help in converting angry and irritated customers into loyal customers. But in order to deliver a good service recovery, the employees of the organization should be ready to put their extra effort and act smartly to retain the frustrated customer. The service firms gain a lot of opportunities of service recovery. There are some factors that are look into when learning about service recovery these are :

  • The cost incurred in delivering effective service recovery
  • Encouraging the inputs from the customers
  • Understanding the needs of the recovery
  • Fast action in terms of reacting                                   Service Recovery and Guarantee
  • Training of the employees
  • Closing the process of recovery

Characteristics of a good service

  • Service is always unconditional which means without any promise
  • It is easy to understand and deliver
  • It is meaningful
  • Can be easily invoked
  • Easy to gather

Service Guarantees

Services have a special characteristic of simultaneity, which means that the services are produced and consumed simultaneously. Services cannot be stored ,that is they are imperishable, they cannot be standardized, infact the customers have their own standards to judge a service. This is why there is a need of service guarantee by the firms.

A strong and effective service guarantee help the firm to get control of the information network in the organization. And this would ultimately enhance the performance and would also help in gaining dominance in the market.

A service guarantee is a powerful method not only acting as a tool for marketing of the dervices but also increasing the standard of the services to that level which is essential for implementing the service guarantees. When a customer gets a guarantee of the service it means that the firm has set some guidelines to ensure the desired quality of the service. It also helps in generating the feedback from the customer regarding the experience they got in availing that service. This feedback also helps the firm understand the failure if any in delivering the service.

A service guarantee is an important function that help in enhancing the marketing efforts of the firm and also reducing the risk of the customers while making the decision regarding the use of that service. It helps in understanding the weak functions of the firm. It helps in improving the capability of the firm in all the dimensions and help in attaining the competitive advantage and building a strategy to be differentiated from that of the competitors.

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