Solenoid valve

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Valve is a movable component which serves to operate or to regulate the passage of the flow of air.
Operation- Solenoid Valve is based on the operation with electromechanically operation. This valve is controlled by using the electric current with the help of solenoid. There are two port valves, three port valves and multi port valve. The two port valve is controlled by the switch which can be ON or OFF, the three port valve is controlled by the adjusting the switches between the ports and the multi port valve is controlled by the manifold.
The solenoid valves are used to control the action of air. It’s task is to mixing and distributing the air solenoid valve are also distinguish by their operation. A small solenoid can generate a limited force. If that force is sufficient to open and close the valve, then a direct acting solenoid valve is possible and if not then we used other.
The Solenoidal force is calculated by the given formula that is
Fs = P*A

Where Fs = Solenoidal Force
P = Air Pressure
A = Orific Area.


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Their Types- Mainly there are three types of solenoid valve that are

Two port valves
Three port valves
Multiple port valves


Solenoid valve are used to controlling the action of air.
Solenoid valves are also used in pneumatic and hydraulic system.
These are used in RO purifiers’.


It can be mounted in any position.
It is the life of approx 10 million cycles.
The valve sizes are about to .5 to 3 inch dia.
It is used 230 volt AC voltage and 24 V DC voltage and also in many configurations of its voltage.


It has diaphragm so it has the long life.
For corrosion resistance it has stainless steel body
It has the silencer for the protection of the exhaust.
It has the ability of consuming the low air rate.
It has working in low noise level conditions.


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