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  • Solenoid valve

    Jul 31, 14 • 1866 Views • Industrial Equipments1 Comment

    INTRODUCTION Valve is a movable component which serves to operate or to regulate the passage of the flow of air. Operation- Solenoid Valve is based on the operation with electromechanically operation. This valve is controlled by using the electric current

  • fabric

    Fabric : The Textile Material

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    INTRODUCTION The word fabric is also known as textile material. Fabric materials refer to any material which is made by sewing, knighting that may be used for the production of garments. The fabrics are used in the wide application in clothing . The fabric

  • Coolant or cutting oil filter belts rolls

    Jul 30, 14 • 1284 Views • Industrial EquipmentsComments Off on Coolant or cutting oil filter belts rolls

    INTRODUCTION A coolant is a fluid which flow through around the device to lower its temperature or to dissipate the heat. In the application of the coolant type filtration medium we used the filtration belts which is known as coolant and cutting oil filter

  • Centrifuge Filter Systems

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    INTRODUCTION Centrifuge Filter Systems into which the centrifugal energy is used for the process. In this type of system used in the filter bags centrifuge the element in the drum. It acts as a filter by replacing the filter medium orthogonal to the

  • Delivery Techniques and routing

    Jun 17, 13 • 2049 Views • Notes5 Comments

    DELIVERY The term delivery refers to the way in which the packet is handled by the networks under the network layer.The network layer handles the packets in the physical network and it is termed as delivery of the packet. DELIVERY TECHNIQUES The delivery to