Fabric : The Textile Material

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The word fabric is also known as textile material. Fabric materials refer to any material which is made by sewing, knighting that may be used for the production of garments. The fabrics are used in the wide application in clothing . The fabric are two types, the first one is the woven fabric and the second one is the non woven fabric. The fabric are made by the various raw material which are present in the natural.
The natural fabric are forms by the animal coats, cocoons of the silkworms, leaves and the seeds also. Natural fiber is the best property that they are not harm by the UV radiations so that there color may be change.

Fabrics From natural fiber-( Woven Fabric)

Cotton Fabric-It is a type of fabric which easily adjust in all types of climatic seasons.

Silk fabric-Silk is the strongest fabric in the world which have the beauty, softness and luxury.

Linen Fabric– It is the fabric which have the property to resistance all type of allergies.

Wool Fabric– It is soft, strong and very durable characteristics like warm, resist to wrinkle and warm.

Leather Fabric– These fabric are not affected by temperature and applicable in cold and worm both .

Jute Fabric– This fabric is applicable for making bags and packaging purposes.

Fabric From Man made

Polyester Fabric– The polyester fabric is not found naturally they are manmade and more demanded in the market. The polyster fabric is mixed with other fabric to make it more strong. The polyester fabric is widely used in the filter bag and dust collectors.

Rayon Fabric– The rayon fabric is found by forcing the cellulose solution through fine spinerites. The efficiency of the rayon fibre is much higher than the cotton fibre.

Denim Fabric– The denim fabric provides the more comfort than any other fabric.Denim fabric is a kind of rugged cotton twill. Denim fabric is made in many design and types.
Industrial Fabric-

Fiberglass fabric– A fiber glass fabric is having the extreme small particles of the glass fiber. These are used in manufacturing the yarn, insulator and structural objects.

Vinyl Fabric– These fabric are created with ultraviolet stabilized pigments.

Polyethylene Fabric– This fiber include the characteristic of unmatchable density and strength.


These are used in the textile industry

For filter bags to avoid the dust particles

It is used in clothing

In home made purposes such as bed sheet , blanket etc

These are used in the civil site purpose

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