Centrifuge Filter Systems

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Centrifuge Filter Systems into which the centrifugal energy is used for the process. In this type of system used in the filter bags centrifuge the element in the drum. It acts as a filter by replacing the filter medium orthogonal to the centripetal force. When the action of the centrifuge force is taken in the walls of the filter medium then it allows to go through out the filter medium while leaving the dust particles in the surface of the drum. These solid particles which is in the surface of the drum are collected once and the out by the particular means.



The centrifuge filtration system uses the centrifuge energy. In this system there is a there is a tank into which the dusted material is available. When we ON the system then it take the revolution again and again so that it creates the centripetal force due to this the large particle in the system is collected in the bottom and the filtered material will go out from the system and this system works.


If we talk about their numerical consideration then there are following terms which is used. These are as follows-ώ

RCF (Relative Centrifugal Force)
RCF = [ r × (2πώ)^2] / g
WHERE r – radius of the centrifuge (cm),
ω – angular velocity (cm*rad/s),
g – gravitational constant (cm/s2)

Particle Velocity

It is able to filter 100 to 1 micron range in the bag.

Cutting to make it, is done by the computerized machines.

The flow under taking in this process is mostly the turbulent flow which is having the rapid variation in pressure and velocity.


These are available in various range of discharge such as Line type bottom discharge, tube type bottom discharge and cone type bottom discharge.

The fabric used in centrifugal system is made of cotton, polyester, polypropylene, nylon.

These bags are made in considering the anti-adhesive property.


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The major advantage of the system is that they can be used easily in the hydraulic systems.

These type are also utilizes in the field of the medical industries.

The upper body of the system is made up of steel so allow no corrosion and works till long life


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