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Kid’s fashion designer has to design clothes that are appealing to parents and kids as well.

The designers create formal and casual wear apparels by sketching out initial designs or by using CAD-Computer Aided Programs for quick development of designs. The designers must have knowledge of how all the things work and how to interact with each other.

For becoming a kid’s fashion designer the following steps must be followed-

  1. Receive an undergraduate degree-

    One must have an undergraduate degree before applying for this field. Degree programs that are available they tend to focus on fashion design in general but there are some bachelor’s degree programs that provide specialization in kid’s wear.
    Undergraduate programs teach students about sketching, measurements, draping, knit wear and fabrics, design. Degree programs that provide specialization in kid’s wear design can also offer courses on various types of clothing like sportswear and outwear.
    Many bachelor’s program also help students to create portfolios, which help students in getting a job in this field.

  2. Complete an internship-

    Fashion designer aspirants are suggested to complete an internship so that they can gain networking contacts and experience of the field.
    Some institutes require students to complete their internship before graduating and many fashion design courses set up internship on behalf of students. Internship can be done through fashion designers, retailers and manufacturers.

  3. Gain work experience-

    Kid’s fashion designer may also have to work as assistants to more experience designers initially before they can advance in the field.
    They may also work in retail or work as a freelancer in order to build up network or clients.

  4. Study and learn fashion merchandising-


    Designers who are interested in knowing business aspects of their work may want to take marketing courses. Some fashion design programs offer these courses like marketing and fashion merchandising as a part of their overall degree program. These courses can help designers know how to forecast fashion, know merchandising, and market their design.

  5. Examine a master’s degree in Fashion Design-

    Master’s degree focus around theoretical aspect of fashion and how it relates with various subjects like sociology, history. These programs require completing research papers and thesis projects that examines subjects in fashion studies.

  6. Information regarding salary and employment outlook-

    The BLS – U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics reported annual median salary of $63,760 for fashion designers as of May 2013. 3% decline in employment was expected for designers from the year 2012 to 2022. Professionals interested in designing, and those who work with new fabric technologies can expect job openings for them.


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