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We are human beings and are always curious to learn some new amazing innovations and discoveries.some of us are attracted by the natural beauty and some are attracted by the amazing beauty or art of other people,which includes the amazing architectures or buildings.

The word ‘Architecture’ comes from a latin word which means a builder and the process is a joint combined action of planning ,designing and  constructionIt is a kind of art and it gives explanation and description to many things. And the amazing architectures are a result of some innovative ideas and creative actions.

These amazing creations are a result of their solid commitment, their solid passion and their constant hard work and an urge to do something new ,unique and amazing.

It  is called amazing because of the uniqueness it carries.  Here are a some amazing architectures of the world. Feel free to add more such wonders in the comment section below. Please provide your feedback and suggestion on the same.


lotus-templeIndians feel proud to have one of the beautiful and amazing architectures on their land, that is the amazing lotus temple. It is one of the amazing and fabulous architecture of India and remarkable architectures of  Bahai faith . it is one of the Bahai house of worship and  is located  at Kalkaji in New Delhi. It looks like a lotus flower and is made of marble,cement,dolomite and sand .It was completed in  the year 1986 and it  is famous for its splendid architecture and design.The credit for this building goes to a Persian architect named Fariborz sahba from Canada.

The shape of the temple is like a flower because of some particular reason of a hidden message. Lotus is a symbol of peace,purity,love and immorality. So, temple has been inspired by the lotus. The temple provides  an environment of motivation,peace and wisdom. The design looks like a half opened lotus flower with 27 free standing petals made of marble of penteli mountains from Greek .The architect was mainly conscious about the eternal beauty of the flower. The construction took almost ten years to build and opened to the public.

lotus templeThe team comprised of about 800 engineers, technicians, workers and artisans who worked very hard to give realizations to one of the most complex edifice in the world. The temple has both the asthetic values and technological influence along the whole structure. There are nine reflecting pools that encompass the temple from outside .The temple has the capacity to accommodate nearly 2500 people and the material marble adds the glory to it. It is about forty metres tall surrounded by 9 pools appears that the temple is floating like a lotus flower in water. Along  with the nine ponds and the garden the temple has an property of 20 acres.When the temple is lighted in the night time it looks like a blue lotus and is the center of attraction of most of the people.

This temple is one of he most visited edifices in the world with about 50 million people having visited temple since  the year 1986.Because of this lotus temple  the place became a famous tourist spot and many foreigners used to visit it and it brings a good source of revenue to India.people can gain knowledge about the lotus temple from different history books as well as daily newspapers and from some magazines also.


china-national-stadium-was-built-in-beijing-for-the-beijing-olympic-games-2008People are swipped away by the amazing and beautiful architectures of the world.In their busy lifes also they used to save some amount of time to see the amazing architectures.

After seeing these things they find peace and happiness in their is one of the amazing architectures of the world.It is a stadium in Beijing in China and is also known as the Birds Nest. The stadium was designed for  the use throughout the 2008 summer Olympics and Paralympics.

The architecture of the stadium is really amazing as the design have steel beams in order to  hide support for the retractable roof, and thus gives the stadium the appearance of bird’s nest. Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron along with their project architect Stefan Marbach developed the stadium’s  distinctive design  with the joint action with other Chinese players.

The stadium consists of two independent structures, standing 50 feets  apart, a red concrete seating   bowl and outer steel frame around it. To  hide the steel supports  the architect have developed the random  looking  steel to blend the support into rest of the stadium. 24 columns encase the inner bowl each weighing 1000 tons. Inspite  of the random appearance , each half of the stadium is nearly identical. But later it was decided to remove the roof and as a result the budget reduced from 500 million  dollars to 290  million dollars. The building was lightened,which helped it to stand the seismic activity of the earthquakes. But the upper section  of the roof was covered to protect the fans from weather. A   24 hour per day rainwater collector is located near the stadium and after the collected water is purified it is used throughout the stadium.  The stadium reflects the constant hard work and the commitment of the architects.Pipes placed  under the playing surface gather heat in the winter to warm the stadium and in summer to cool the stadium. The  stadium has the capacity to place 80,000 people.and the farthest seat is 460 feet from the center.

The stadium hosted the opening and closing ceremony ,athletics events and football finals of 2008 summer Olympics and also 2008 the summer paralympics. On 1st November 2010 the IAAF  announced that the 2015 world’s championship in athletics will take place in this stadium  and also hosted the Suppercoppa Italiana ,a football match in 2011 and 2012. The stadium is really amazing in design and architecture and has been the major source of attraction of most of the people.People can know more about the stadium from other different websites as well as from the newspapers and may also know from some special magazines.


One of the other amazing architecture is the Sydney opera house. Sydney opera house is a great architectural work of 20th century. It  represents multiple strands of creativity both in architectural form and  structural design.

It is a great urban sculpture set in a remarkable waterscape at the tip of a peninsula projecting into the Sydney harbor. It is a world class performing art center.The  building  had a remarkable influence on architecture. In the year of 1957 the project of Sydney opera house was awarded by an international jury to Danish architect JORN UTZON.


The Sydney opera house comprises three groups of interlocking vaulted shells which roof two main performance halls and a restaurant. The  shells structure are set upon a vast platform and are surrounded by terrace areas that function as pedestrian concourses.

The Sydney  opera house was included in the National heritage in the year of 2005 under the environment protection act and Biodiversity conservation act in 1999 and in state heritage register of New south wales in 2003 under heritage act of 1977. Listing in the national heritage implies that any proposed action to be taken inside or outside boundaries of a national heritage place may have significant impact  on the heritage value is prohibited without the approval of minister for environment and heritage.thus a buffer zone is been established. The present state of conservation is good and the property is  maintained and preserved through regular repair and conservation.

Thus because of its remarkable architecture it became an iconic  symbol of both Sydney and Australia.


Leaning Tower of Pisa

The leaning tower of pisa  is one of the  amazing architectures  and a great icon of Europe. It was of ROMANESQUE design. Intricate carving, columns and other  design elements are incorporated into the construction of tower.  originally  the Leaning tower of pisa was to be a bell tower  for cathedral and it began in the year of 1173. Five  years after the initial construction of two floors it began to lean  once the third floor was completed.

At that time the lean was unknown but later it was discovered that the lean was because the tower was built on a dense clay mixture that was unable to support the full weight of the tower.

The work was suspended several times as the engineers tried to find out the  solution but the tower was stil leaning  and was completed in the  year of 1350. The architecture design remained unchanged .


The tower was built with limestone and lime moltar and the exterior of the tower is covered in marble. Ironically this may be the reason that the tower has not been cracked and broken. The rock is flexible enough that it can withstand the pressure placed on it by lean.

The famous lean of the bell tower often overshadows its magnificent architecture, which is an exceptional example of Romanesque style. The round tower is made of fine multicoloured marble and has 8 stories in all, each surrounded by an arcaded gallery. The  repeating registers of arches  give the tower an exceptionally harmonius and rhythemic appearance.

The bottom register of the tower has a blind arcade  and an ornately curved portal,which features the sculptures of animals. The second through 7th stories have open arcaded galleries and the 8th story houses the bell chamber. The medieval bells remain in place, but for stability reasons are no longer rung. Inside the tower is a 294 step spiral stair case leading to the bell chamber.

Over the years various attempts have been made to straighten the tower, including the injection of cement into the foundation and various types of bracing, but in the 20th century the structure was still subsiding at the rate of 0.05 inches(1.2mm) per years and in serious danger of collapse. Again in 1990 it was closed and they siphon more than  70 tons of earth from underneath the foundation while supporting the tower with  steel cables and lead weights. The work was completed in may 2001 and has decreased the lean by 17 inches (44 cm)  to 13.5.

Thus  it is a famous tourist spot and  now there is no risk and the happily visitors are once again allowed to climb the tower in small groups.


burj_khalifa_dubai_the_world_tallest_building_jpg_It is one of the amazing architectures of the world. The United Arab emerates broke the world record  for building height   with the Burj khalifa , also known as Burj Dubai or the Dubai tower.Adrian smith an American architect who designed  the notable supertall skyscrapers like the Burj khalifa.Others who helped him are Marshall  Strabala , Will f.baker, George  J Efstathiou.


250px-Burj_Khalifa_buildingThe soaring skyscraper is named after Khalifa bin zayed,the president of the United Arab emerates. It was officially opened to the public on January 4 ,2010. It is a 162 storied building of height 829.8 metre. It is the tallest man made structure in the world.

Because of the extreme height  it raises many safety questions, that wether the occupants could be evacuated quickly in the event of an extreme fire or explosion. And how well can it sustain a fierce storm or an earthquake.

But the engineers  claim that it had multiple safety features.

  • It had an hexagonal core with  ‘y’ shaped buttresses for structural support.
  • It can withstand 7.0 magnitude earthquake.
  • It have concrete reinforcement around stairways.
  • It have the world fastest elevators.
  • It also have fire and smoke resistant evacuation lifts.

So Burz khalifa is a showplace for innovative ,modern and  one of the amazing architectures and it really shatters the world records and one of the famous tourist spots.

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