Spun Bonded Filter Cartridge

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The spun bonded filter cartridge are made up of 100% polypropylene fibers. These fibers are spun together so that they are able together to form the proper gradient of the inner and the outer surface of the ,material. These are the 100% made by the polypropylene.However,there is no other type of binders available in the PP so that it can harm it and the density of these type of the fibers are lower than that so that it provide the good efficiency.However,the filtration ratings of the spun bounded filter are from 1 to 75 micro me.


The spun bonded filter cartridge filter are made by the process that the micro fiber of the polypropylene arte thermally bonded to each other with lower density. A melt blown process is used to create the matrix which is of solid type. This matrix is used to hold the larger particles at their outer surface and the tiny particles are captured by the inner layers of the surface.
If we see it in the working point of view then we find the particles are trapped across the cross section of the surface. In the working phenomenon of the bonded filter cartridge provides the high flow rate with low pressure drop.


It is designed for the consistence up to the high flow rates and the differential pressure.
The Polypropylene that is used in it is 100% pure for getting the higher efficiency.
The material having the FDA requirement throughout.
There is no resigns and binders for any kind of fault that is having in the filtration process.


Its pressure is about to 2.5 bar
Its maximum working temperature is about to 80 C
Its core diameter is 25 to 50mm.
Its outer diameter is lies between 60mm to 65 mm.
It has the max. differential pressure is lies between 3 to 5 bars-


It has a quality to trap the particles from all the cross sectional area.
It is silicon free property.
It provides high flow rates with low pressure drop.
It is ability to reduce the fiber migration.


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