Strainer filter bags

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Strainer is the device through which the liquid is passed for the purification and separation of the solid material; it is just works like the filter processing. Strainer filter bags is works as the trapping of the particle which is present in the liquid medium. Strainer filter bags are used in the industrial area as well as the residential area. They are different in their size which is based on their application.
Strainer is a temporary strainer filter bag and that is in the form of a mesh screen which is often fitted between the pipe flanges during the earlier stage of the pipe operation. In this type of the system the flow of the fluid is continuous until it clogged with the solid particles.


When we allow the fluid into the strainer filter bags then the small particles of the fluid is feed inside the pore or space. In the bag filtration system the filter bag is supported by the metal basket. A potential capturing mechanism in the depth filtration bag occurs and then the flow of the particles and the fresh and cleaned fluid may distinguish. The incoming flow of fluid through the outside and the dust particles are captured in the basket. Thus in that manner the strainer filter bag works.


These are available in the following types and these are-
Y-shaped strainer bag
Duplex type strainer bag
Basket type strainer bag.


Material for construction- Cast iron, Steel, Carbon Alloy, Polyethylene.
Temperature- Ambient temp.
Viscosity- It is able to handle the thick and viscous fluid viscosity.
It is able to resist the high corrosion from the fluid.
Sump type strainer filters are used in the lubrication and for oil.


It has the best filtration efficiency.
Allow the long life service.
Good retention of the particles.
Available in many types as their application.
Easy to installation purpose.
It used different types of fabr5ic such as cotton, polyester, PVC, polyethylene bags.


They are used in the making of filter bags.
It is used in industrial purposes.
It is used in high temperature
They are used in more viscosity surfaces.
They are used in oil and fuel refrigeration
It is used in the refrigeration purposes.


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