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Study Material for UPSC Mains of Botany optional

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This article gives you the complete information regarding Botany and also about study material for UPSC Mains of Botany optional.

Introduction to Botany

Botany, additionally called plant science(s) or plant science, is the exploration of vegetation and an extension of science. A botanist or plant researcher is a researcher who spends significant time in this field of study. The expression “herbal science” originates from the Ancient Greek word signifying “pasture”, “grass”, or “grub”.

It is gotten from (boskein), “to encourage” or “to graze”.Traditionally, herbal science has likewise incorporated the investigation of parasites and green growth by mycologists and phycologists individually, with the investigation of these three gatherings of life forms staying inside the circle of enthusiasm of the International Botanical Congress. These days, botanists examine more or less 400,000 types of living organisms of which exactly 260,000 species are vascular plants and around 248,000.

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Reference books for UPSC Mains of Botany as an optional subject


fundamental-of-botany-volume-i-200x200-imadfzjj7bcesywrIntended for the undergrad first-year understudies, this volume gives all the basics of herbal science, alongside significant late advancements in the field. It helps assemble the applied framework.


Publisher:Tata Mc Graw Hill Education Pvt. Ltd


Price In India: Rs 464



botany-for-degree-students-200x200-imadakdejzpptghmThe sixth release of ‘Herbal science for Degree understudies’, has been brought out with an exhaustive update of the entire content including the revamping of numerous parts and expansion of a few new themes

Publisher:Oxford University Press

Price In India: Rs 455


For Current Affairs



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college-botany-volume-ii-pteriodophyta-gymnosperms-paleo-b-200x200-imad9gfnftmjhczyAll about Botany for the preparation of UPSC Mains exam.The book that deals with the tudy of plants known as botany.The book is editors choice and written by the best authors in the country.


Publisher:S.Chand Publications


Price In India: Rs 405


For General Studies:




ifs-indian-forest-service-examination-botany-paper-i-ii-200x200-imadbbwsghmwqtxpThis thorough book is valuable for IFS Main Examination (Botany) Exam with the end goal of Study and practice of inquiries focused around the most recent example of the examination. This book included Study of plants.

Publisher:Ramesh Publishing House

Price In India: Rs 235


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college-botany-volume-i-200x200-imadazgngcw52hz4For Degree Students Table Of Contents ALGAE General themes Cyanophcophyta-Myxophyceae Blue Green Algae- Cyanobacteria Chlorophycophyta- Chlorophyceae Green Algae


Publisher:S.Chand Publication


Price In India: Rs 450


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17 Responses to Study Material for UPSC Mains of Botany optional

  3. Balachandra says:

    Seeking, UPSC Botany optional material + reference books details. Thank you

  4. Balachandra says:

    Seeking, UPSC Botany optional material + reference books details. Thank you

  5. mothilal says:


  6. mothilal says:
  7. sayadevi says:

    botany optional subject for indian forest service material

  8. Along Tabang says:

    i want to know how to crack civil service taking botany

  9. Along Tabang says:

    i want to know how to crack civil service taking botany

  10. Huidrom Amarjit Singh says:

    Sir, I am glade to find such helpful ads on the web page i hope it would be helpfull.

  11. girish dhaygude says:

    i require notes for ifs mains GS ,oftional botny and agriculture

  12. KULDEEP SAGAR says:

    kindly send me some notes and pattern of up pcs exam please

  13. SADANAND says:

    detail strategy for agriculture student for upsc ifs ,my subject is agriculture and botany

  14. gaurav chauhan says:

    how can i prepare botany for mains and suggested books

  15. s.shankar says:

    sir i am shankr from tamilnadu ,i need freeo notes for civil service examination

  16. g.gowthami says:

    want botany,zoology,physics,chemistry study material for rrb preparation

  17. Venkatesh.N says:

    Is there any study material for botany and zoology for mains

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