The Manifestos wheel is turning round and round

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-”Promises given before by a political party or by a candidate

Before each and every election the politician’s of India never miss to place the very attractive Manifestos to the innocent people of India. The truth beyond this fact is the people who belief this kind of Manifestos is literates when compared to the ill-literates.

But the people of India is only ready to stand beyond any person if they try to fight for the right’s but none of them are not ready to come forward to take the leadership. even though they stand beyond and support the person who is fighting for the right’s only stand for a period of time after that they mingle with the rest and start to live a normal life. By knowing all this things the politicians of India are very smart to postponed the the actions for some more time after that they all start to handle the normal politics.There are number of scenario’s where the people and media belongs to India have raised like a fire and went off like a candle lite.

People who read this may think that this person first start to say about Manifestos and goes somewhere else but the matter of fact is all are these matter starts with the mindset of the politicians like the wheel the promise given by the politicians for every day is rounding and rounding only the number of promise is keep increasing but they never try to fulfill it.

How to stop this wheel

  • Don’t accept the free schemes
  • Start to think socially
  • Never hesitate to raise the question at any point of time

Don’t accept the free schemes

Manifestos are the mainly submitted by the politicians to the public only because every one even they are richer they are ready to accept this, to me this also is like selling your votes. Your vote is not just a vote it’s your right’s you should not cell it not for just a free thinks

Start to think socially

  • Before you get anything free think it may effect the economical situation
  • Think this money can be used in alternative way

The littered people only can ask this questions, But before this they should be ready face all the political and media power.

Never hesitate to raise the question at any point of time

Raise questions before them, Each and every Indian should need to raise the questions. By the recent past the people and the politician’s of India know that people are frustrated and they start to reproduce another SATHYAGRAGAM for the betterment of India.

The questions are the best tool which is going to stop this Manifestos wheel otherwise it will keep on rounding and rounding.

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