Tips and Tricks to Crack COMEDK Medical

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Listening about any of the entrance exams, a stream of fear and tension drips down the spinal cord of many of the students. COMEDK is not at all spared from it. But the real fact is that there is nothing to take tension about. It is as common as the other exams. Especially regarding the number of applicants, there is nothing to worry as it is a state held entrance exam, so the rush of the applicants would be less. And that of the syllabus, it is fully based on the syllabus of Class XI and XII of Karnataka Board. If anybody outside Karnataka is applying, then also nothing to worry about the syllabus as it is almost similar to the other boards. And the remaining part can be covered easily. Moreover if you have your concepts clear, you can easily attend the paper and score good rank in it.

COMEDK MedicalHere I have provided some tips and tricks to crack the COMEDK Medical entrance exam. Go through them thoroughly and try to follow them. I am sure you will definitely get help from it.

Some tips and tricks to crack COMEDK Medical entrance exam:

  1. Your first and foremost job is to refer the syllabus of the COMEDK Medical entrance exam and study according to it. No need to waste time on the subjects and the topics which are not a part of the syllabus. Also by referring to the syllabus you will get to know which extra subject or topic you need to cover.
  2. The syllabus mostly is drawn from that of Class XI and Class XII of Karnataka board. For those who are student of this board, you may not face much problem in completing your syllabus. Only the other board students will have to study a bit extra, that too very nominal.
  3. Refer to some previous year question papers of the COMEDK Medical entrance test, at-least of previous 10 years and note down the topics and the subjects which are important and those which are not. Focus more on the important subjects and topics. Even if you want, you can neglect some of the subjects and topics which are not so important.
  4. The questions asked here are multiple choice questions. But as the time will be limited, that means the questions will be fully conceptual and to the point. For that you just need to have the clear concepts on your subjects.
  5. Never try to attempt all the questions. It is not at all necessary to do so. Attempt only those about which you are sure enough as there exist negative marking concept. This point was very necessary to be mentioned because many students have this notion that attempting more and more questions even if not sure may lead to some of them get correct and there would be increase in the score. If you are thinking so, then change it now because as mentioned earlier in this point that there is negative marking, so some may get correct, but there is no surety of it. Instead it all may get wrong and your score would go down. Even if some by chance gets correct, the wrong ones will decrease your score. So it is not at all beneficial to attempt all the COMEDK Medical questions.
  6. Practice as many previous year’s practice papers as you can and that too within the exam time of the COMEDK Medical entrance exam. Like this you would be increasing your speed of solving the questions and with more accuracy.
  7. The most important thing is to stay cool, especially in the examination hall because tension can uproot your desire fully. If possible go to bed early the night before the exam.

So these were some tricks to crack the COMEDK Medical entrance exam which might help you. Follow these and I am sure you would be definitely able to crack the exam.


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