Tips to Crack NID

How to Crack NID Entrance Exam

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Tips and Tricks to Crack NID

Entrance Exams are always being the fact of fear for every appearing aspirant.  But reality reveal some different facts that there is nothing to take tension about. Practice is the only key to crack NID. This post is supported with tips regarding How to Crack NID (National Institute of Design) Entrance Exam for the aspirants of NID exam as a help for them in order to move forward towards their bright future.

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Lets discuss some tips regarding How to Crack NID Entrance Exam

NID Preparation Tips1st Tip : One of the most common misconception among NID aspirants is that if you draw well, then you can crack NID, which is totally false. Though good sketching is essential, the questions are framed to judge a candidates creativity, imagination & visualization skills/ observation / general awareness etc. So, developing these skills are equally important.

2nd Tip: Creativity can never be defined in a sense which the world can accept. But looking the meaning, creativity in the simple word can be defined as the ability to express a brand new thought in a different way expressing the complete meaning. So, it is must to focus over your creativity during your exam preparations.

3rd Tip: With the creativity, speed equally matters. If you are creative but unable to cope up with time limit, you will miss the questions. So its will be better to practice keeping speed and accuracy equally important. So prepare for the exam with equal accuracy and solving speed.

4th Tip: Try to solve as many as sample paper and you can Go through all previous year NID papers. This will help you to get idea about the type of questions in exam covered under the prescribed exam syllabus.

5th Tip: Always use A-4 size sheets in order to practice as this is the standard size of answer sheets in NID entrance exam.

6th Tip: Don’t mug up G.K. books but be more aware about what is happening around – Read the newspapers regularly. Increase your observation power. Try to find out about people who have genuinely contributed to the field of design, their innovative works etc. Read books or magazines and try to develop a genuine passion to work efficiently for your field.

7th Tip: You need to work with full enthusiasm and self motivation in order to crack NID entrance exam. Self motivation will lead to elaboration of new ideas and creations.

8th Tip: In drawing questions, try to draw figures with light hand first like outlines without adding any details. Once you are satisfied with your work than you can finalize it with proper proportions and detailing. This will reduces you time, which generally students waste in erasing and re-drawing again and again.

9thTip: Try to practice by the use of dry mediums ( colours ), as these colours are more convenient to use as compared to other and take less time in the exam.

10th Tip: Make a time table for partition of equal time for school, coaching and self study in order to prepare for NID entrance exam.

I hope these tips will help you to make right strategies will help you upto some extent

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20 Responses to How to Crack NID Entrance Exam

  1. Aaeen Darakshan says:
  2. vedant kulkarni says:

    Im wishing to know more on how to crack nid entrance exams

  3. vedant kulkarni says:

    Im wishing to know more on how to crack nid entrance exams

  4. vedant kulkarni says:
  5. k.i.janani says:

    how to clear the entrance

  6. k.i.janani says:

    how to clear the entrance

  7. k.i.janani says:

    how to clear the entrance

  8. k.i.janani says:

    how to clear the entrance

  9. k.i.janani says:

    how to clear the entrance

  10. k.i.janani says:

    how to clear the entrance

  11. dhawani bhatia says:

    i want to apear my admision form this year but now i am in 12th and my 12th will completed in march 2017 so my dought is that can i appear in nid

    • gamer says: can appear in NID.the entrance date for NID is 8.1.17
      so you can appear for NID before you complete 12th.
      wish you all the best

  12. megharaj says:

    how to get into NID ahmedabad for master in design.. pls do help with your valueble suggestions.. thank you

  13. shradha says:

    What books should I prefer while studying for NID?

  14. radha says:

    How can i join IIM Ahemdabad straight after 12th commerce? what are the foreign or abroad placements made by the IIM ahemdabad?

  15. rajat raj gupta says:

    i,m in class 12 i want to take admission in nid in 2017 what should i study for it.

  16. Diwanshu Wadhwani says:

    I want to prepare for the M. Des. Program in NID. And I need guidance.

  17. monali mordia says:

    how i crack nid and nift ug b.des without taking any coaching

  18. Raghav says:

    how should i do the basic preparations for NID B.Des program?

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