Top 3 Ethical Hacking institutes in Mumbai

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Ethical hackers are computer system specialists that infiltrate into the security system of their customers’ computers. Their expertise is to find the loopholes in the system that could be used for bad and illegal reasons. But the other face of hacking is while legitimate hackers utilize the same techniques/strategies as malignant hackers, the target clearly is in the profit of the customer. As opposed to exploiting the vulnerabilities show in the system, they report them to the customer.Mumbai, the economical backbone of India consists of many institutes which offers Ethical Hacking course.

But the top 3 Ethical Hacking institutes in Mumbai are discussed here:-

1.     Pristine InfoSolutions

2.     Innobuzz

3.     Net Tech


1. Pristine InfoSolutions

Pristine Infosolutions

Pristine Infosolutions


Pristine Infosolutions is a pioneer in outlining, actualizing and giving Ethical Hacking and Information Security preparing for experts, people and corporate world. Their broad and changed experience permits us to convey an extensive variety of IT training and administrations for experts and corporate equipping them for the increased difficulties of IT Security Industry.

Courses Offerred:-

  • Introduction.
  • ASCII Code.
  • Networking and Basics.
  • Detecting Firewall.
  • Tracing.
  • Footprinting.
  • Domain Name and DNS Delegation.
  • Email Forging and Security.
  • Instant Messenger Hacking.
  • Port Scanning.
  • Physical Security.
  • Hacking By Key loggers.
  • Virus and Worms.
  • Google Hacking.
  • Password Cracking.
  • Proxy Server Attacks.
  • Buffer Overflow.
  • SQL Injection.
  • Denial Of Service.
  • Honeypots.
  • XSS Attacks.
  • Windows and System Hacking.
  • Social Engineering Attacks.
  • Steganography.
  • Cryptography.
  • Email Hacking and Security.
  • WAS
  • Finding Loopholes.
  • Fake Viruses.
  • Phishing Techniques.
  • Cyber Law and Consulting.
  • Cyber Forensics and Investigation.
  • Case Studies.



Investigation Centre
202 / 203, 58 West,
Opp. Andheri Subway, Andheri (West),
Mumbai – 400 058, India.





2. Innobuzz




Their destination is to give High Technology Training Solutions to Individuals and Corporate, in a financially savvy way without compromising with their quality of coaching and certification training. The give well conceptual training on Network Security, WAS and Exploiting the Development to Malware Analysis with the certification of Ethical Hacking.

Courses Offered:-

Certified Information Security Expert Level 1 Version 3


Andheri West





3. Net Tech




Nettech India offers a quality taking in experience in the regions of IT training. Nettech India center is on giving progressed preparing and certificates in mind boggling systems administration innovations. Nettech India can additionally modify and structure the course which best fit for your need as Nettech India accept that the right blend of Expertise and Training aptitudes is key of giving phenomenal preparing & genuine experience.

Net Tech India concentrates on the need of Certified Ethical Hacking as far as Today’s Internet and Network security perspective. Unethical hackers are the person who utilized their hacking ability for terrible reason like online duplicity transaction and informal control of communication. A CE hacker uses their aptitudes to secure the security systems of Business from harmful hackers. Net Tech India gives their scholars splendid and future scopes as Certified Ethical hacker.


Courses Offered:-

  • CCNA Security,
  • CCNP Security ,
  • checkpoint  and 
  •  Juniper security


203, Ratnamani Building, Dada Patil Wadi,
Opp ICICI ATM, Thane, Maharashtra 400601


098 70 803004 



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    i want take classes for cyber security

  9. Pravin says:

    i want take classes for cyber security

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    Hi, Which are the best institutes in Navi Mumbai for Cyber Security and the companies which they place candidates in.

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    sir i want hacking course but i dont know how?

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  18. Gulam Gaus Ansari says:

    i wanted to do hacking course. i wanted to know the duration of course and fees

  19. Gulam Gaus Ansari says:

    i wanted to do hacking course. i wanted to know the duration of course and fees

  20. divyansh shrimali says:

    i want to become a top hacker in world and if possible then be the first indian to become a top level hacker

  21. divyansh shrimali says:

    i want to become a top hacker in world and if possible then be the first indian to become a top level hacker

  22. divyansh shrimali says:

    i want to become a top hacker in world and if possible then be the first indian to become a top level hacker

  23. divyansh shrimali says:

    i want to become a top hacker in world and if possible then be the first indian to become a top level hacker

  24. divyansh shrimali says:

    i want to become a top hacker in world and if possible then be the first indian to become a top level hacker

  25. swapnil s. rahate says:

    how years cours of ethic hacking


    I am asking this course for my son who is appearing for his HSC exam

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    best hacking institute

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    I have completed my BE Degree in field of EXTC.I want to know the requirements required for being a Ethical hacker also the best institutes that would provide courses in Mumbai on weekends

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    hacking courses

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    i want learn ethical hacking for jobs in big companies

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    I’m a Biotech Dropout and was planning a career in Ethical Hacking so how is it as a career and job prospects after completion.

  38. SWAPNIL says:

    kindly provide us your information in your institute with fees and duration courses .

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    Requirements for course and best hacking institute in Mumbai

  40. Vaibhav Singh Khuntey says:

    what is the career in ETHICAL HACKING…? What is the duration of courses..? total cost or fees in this course..?

  41. Vaibhav Singh Khuntey says:

    what is the career in ETHICAL HACKING…? What is the duration of courses..? total cost or fees in this course..?

  42. bhushan dhurve says:

    i am 12th pass student and i want to learn ethical hacking

  43. Samidha Gandhi says:

    I am in last year of engineering and i want to do hacking course

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    what is the eligibility for ethical hacking and cyber security.

  45. SAS training in mumbai says:

    Great information about ethical hacking institutions in mumbai thanks for sharing easy to find related information

  46. ganesh says:

    Is it useful in law profession..and if it is,than how…after this can I take cyber law course as am a law student.

  47. tarun says:

    ethical hackinng diploma 6 months course for serious knowledge , institute in mumbai is the preference

  48. Nilesh Chauhan says:

    I want to do ethical hacking but i dont known the what is courer in hacking field

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    I am interested to learn in ethical hacking. Please explain me about the course

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    what is feature scope of hackers you ethical hacking course

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    i am finding colleges for cyber security to pursue my degree in cyber security

  52. mahadev gavas says:

    i want to learn ethical hacking,but not getting perfect institute.

  53. Nikunj Raval says:

    do u provide a job?? what is fees of courses? in ethical hacking course did u provide any vaccancies?

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    need a addmission in technical and ethical hacking course.

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    what is the best course in hacking and what are its criterias for admissions

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    I want to obtain ip address of email received. Can you help? hat are your charges?

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    i want join CEH best institute after 12th commerce
    and can i join for CEH through commerce

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    Hey I want to know that I’m doing 11th sci so how could I join any classes of hacking n which certificate will need can any one plzz help me??

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    I’m interested in CEH and CISSP
    Please me know how do you cover training program?
    what are the tools you use in practicals?

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  63. krishna says:

    what i’ll be learning and how much time will take to complete the course

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    interested in It sector.but don’t know much about that ,having commerce with IP in class 12.exams are over what to do now. searhing for a professional course

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    which is the best institute for ethical hacking or red hat certification course or as such

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    i want ethicalhacking trqaining institute who is givng good training and placement…

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    sir i wanted to know that is there any career orinted cource offered to beome an ethical hacker and also that what are the jobs i will get after that

  68. sandy says:

    nothing just learnig bcoz I am a student of that subject

  69. Nitish Rai says:

    HI, I just want to go ahead in IT field specially in hacking so can u plzzz guide me regarding the same…

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    i want to learn hacking , ithical hacking and i also want to know about criptography

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    m in 12th sci and wanna do hacking course in vacation so how much is the period for hacking course

  73. Santosh Mane says:

    Hi i am looking for ethical hacking course and immideat jonning please give me more detailed fee and syllubus
    thank you

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    Which is the best place to join ethical hacking course?

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    I am looking for Ethical Hacking & Java Programming Course Please give me more detiled

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    now im doing bcom can i eligible for hacking couse

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    sir ia want to know that fees , duration placement

  80. arif khan says:

    my name is arif khan. i done my networking from IIJT thane institute.i m intrested in ethical hacking courses.

  81. Amish says:

    Innobuzz is not a good one sorry you need to remove this from the list of top hacking institutes .
    With my personal experince I wont suggest persoanlly to learn any of the course in innobuzz .
    No resonse from their side no proper guidelines nothing and specially Andheri branch in Mumbai .
    No tools u get the cd and dvd in dat almost everything corrupt all files its not only me i have many people of my batch who are facing this and they dont response once the money is in they don t give a fuck about the student no guidlines nothing very bad experince and after some time i visited the Institute the person say oh I am so sorry to hear this that u suffered a lot and stuffs when I asked for tools people said me to take again the admissions am i a fool to take once again admission trust i am not lieng u need the reciept i will post it u want details i will provide u it is “NOT WORTH LEARNING IN INNOBUZZ” my email : contact me if u think i am fake or something I am a frustrated student of INNOBUZZ . Admin it should not be in top 3 list lol

  82. gokul vijay says:

    They are offer the best Ethical training for student.Ethical course is very useful for you career.Thank you for sharing you article very useful information for ethical training.<a best Ethical Hacking Institute

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