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ethical means legal hacking of computer

ethical means legal hacking of computer

An ethical hacker is the person who legally penetrates the network or keep a watch over it . The person is actually employed by the company as a hacker does this procedure legally as ordered in order to minimize the cyber crime as much as possible. Thus, the EC- council gives certification to do the illegal thing legally. Such kind of hackers called white hat hackers and other person called black hat hackers. There are various tricks and tips that the hackers use in order to hack a network, system or anything else.

Hacking kinds:     

There are various kinds of ethical hacking strategies that are used to hack wide varieties of things. Some of the popular known hacking are as follows:

  • Hacking of Window XP
  • Hacking the system hardware
  • Hacking of mobile
  • Hack the BIOS password
  • PDF hacking

There are infinite kinds of hacking that are increasing day by day in order to stole the data from the unknown or outsider device. This process increases the cyber crime day by day. Hence those who are having the interest in this field should attain the certificate in order to perform it on legal basis.


Difference Between Hacker and an Ethical Hacker:

Ethical Hackers follow some rules

Ethical Hackers follow some rules

There are various points of differentiating hacker from ethical hacker. Although both of them uses the same strategies. The main difference in their method of work like:

  • Ethical hacker utilize the tricks of hacking with the aim of not harming the system or producing any side effects.
  • Ethical hacker also make efforts to make the system as secure as possible.
  •  Ethical hacker hacks the system with the aim to finding the vulnerabilities so that the unauthorized user would not able to access it.
  • Ethical hacker aims to reduce the cyber crime and give hardest possible punishment to those who illegally try to do this crime.
  • Ethical hacking is a key to eradicate cyber crime from country.


Main tools used in Hacking:

The main popular tools are:

  1. Hashcat:  Hashcat is basically the password cracking tool
  2. WiFite: Verifying that the corporate wireless networks are configured according to the applicable Security Policy.
  3. Kismet: Identify networks by passively collecting packets and detecting standard named networks
  4. Wireshark: What’s happening on network is its main task.

These kind of tools have different procedure and perform different types of hacking.


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