Ethical Hacking

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As the business of internet is growing in today’s world many pros and cons related to it is also growing. Business such as online marketing, e-commerce etc. However as we know with the advancement of anything the darker side of that thing also grows, the side which is called as Hacking.

Hacking can be used as a illegal weapon to crack the codes of any website, transfer online money illegally, getting out confidential e-mails and other restricted stuffs as well. To stop such things Ethical Hacking

is been incorporated in the computer systems. In layman Ethical Hacking means to Hack within the Limits, i.e. Hacking up to which there is no loss to anyone else.





Hacking done to secure any business organization or any individual to secure the data or any confidential things from their website/e-mail id is called as Ethical Hacking. In world of cyber security, the process in which a person who has the ability to discover breaking points in a system and manages to exploit it to achieve his mission is known as a Hacking.


For origination of hacking we have to drill down the past. The first hacker was found way back in 1960s at the most premier technological campus Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( MIT ). During 1990s when the use of internet widespread around the world, hackers multiplied.


Hacking any system or network without authorization of the owner is known as Hacking, he actually illegally does this.

Where as in ethical hacking all the activities are same just except that all these things are done with the permission of the owner. Ethical hackers are usuall

y employed by the company people itself to perform Penetration Tests.


White Hat Hacking : This hacking is done for the good deed. In this type of hacking the skill is used for the legal purposes and to save and protect the data of any organization or for any individual.

Ethical Hacking

Types of Ethical Hacking

Black Hat Hacking : This hacking is done illegally and is maliciously used for personal gain. To stop such kind of hacking, White Hat Hacking is practiced.

■ Grey Hat Hacking : Such kind of hacking is the mixture of both Black Hat and White Hat Hacking. Usually Grey Hat Hacking is done for the security of national level.  


The process of hacking includes following steps in a interconnected cycle –

1. Foot Printing
2. Scanning
3. Enumeration
4. Attack and Gaining Access
5. Escalating Privilege, Covering Tracks and Creating Backdoors.


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