Ethical Hacking for Beginners

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As we know with the growth of any small or big thing a darker side of it grows as well. Same is happening with the Internet, the boom of internet in today’s world is making people rely of Internet for each and everything going on in their lives. From shopping to on line bills, from on line marketing to social media everywhere people are dependent on internet today.

Ethical Hacking for Beginners

Ethical Hacking for Beginners

In many fields people cannot imagine their lives without internet. So with such a responsibility on internet comes a negative side as well, ‘Hacking’.

Hacking actually means to creating new changes to the existing things on the internet or making programs to steal the data from any website. Initially in universities and colleges when access to the computers was very limited or restricted due to high costs of the computers, students used to make programs or applied tricks to use the system in their own way. This process grew with time and bad minds converted this process into Hacking.
Ethical Hacking : In today’s world when most of the business is done with the help of internet and on line business is also the need for growth in the market, with this factor cyber security is also a big concern. Most of the organizations are afraid of being hacked or they are worried about their confidential stuffs and data. To stop all these things, Ethical Hacking is practiced.
In starting ethical hacking and system penetration was performed by US Army but with the growth of computer networks, many individuals and business organizations also adopted this for their cyber security.

How to Become an Ethical Hacker :    
To know How to become an Ethical Hacker, Watch the following Video

1. Dedication : This is the biggest factor of doing anything one wants to. Without consistency and dedication one cannot go deep in the field of hacking.

2. Read : Read as many books as possible related to computer, it’s architecture, platforms etc. Keep updating your information about these things as well day to day.

3. Programming : A hacker is supposed to be a mind blowing programmer, learn coding and programming as proficiently as possible. Now when question arises, which language to learn, I would like to say C Language, it is one of the best and easy language to learn. Few people prefer Python, but trust me if you know  C Language you will be a perfect hacker.

4. Linux : Just switch from Windows to Linux. Learn properly how to work with Linux.

5. Get Basic Ethical Hackers Certification : Some organizations conduct many courses and modules and upon their completion an individual gets a certificate of Ethical Hacker. Get a certificate from any good organization and after that start practicing by yourself.

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  1. Abhilash Bhattacharya says:

    Ethical hacking is an interesting topic that attracts many students now a days. It is a field that can be explored to the very end. and can also be taken as a career if done seriously.

  2. niharika arora says:

    Ethical Hacking is the most attractive course which attracts the student to make there career in this field. This profession is most targeted these days as it pays a handsome amount of salary. The above article gives the detailed information for the beginners of Ethical hacking

  3. Devang Shukla says:

    Aspirants should go through this article for building their base.Ethical hacking is attracting lots of students and young minds day by day. And thus young students should go through this article

  4. Shivam Srivastava says:

    This article consists of all the information regarding how a layman should plant his first step in this vast field. Ethical hacking is attracting lots of students and young minds day by day. So go through this article and start learning ethical hacking.

  5. Shivani Srivastava says:

    Ethical hacking is an exciting course especially for the youth are the tips and taps related to ethical hacking

  6. Ajitesh Shukla says:

    Ethical hacking is gaining its popularity day by day. Number of aspirants are increasing and also the number of coaching. Aspirants should go through this article for building their base.

  7. shubhangi naithani says:

    people have lots of misunderstanding about the basic concept of ethical hacking…. this course is an ethical hacking course for the beginners so that they can transform themselves into a professional ethical hacker….

  8. princy gupta says:

    this article provides information related to ethcal hacking and how one can becoma an ethical hacker.

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