Cyber Crime Investigation

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A global study has found that the cyber attackers with each of its successful attack are inflicting heavy financial losses to organisations, be it a small sized organisation, medium sized or large sized. The losses that happen are due to the theft of confidential information that are stored onto computers. These computers are persistently targeted by the cyber attackers, some of the scenarios that deal with various  Cyber Crime Investigation including theft of confidential information, Software Piracy and Music Piracy  as Cyber Crime Investigation are described in here.

 about Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime Case Study

Like in a case, one rival businessman obtains the information using hacking or social engineering. He then uses the information for his own betterment. Whereas in a similar scenario of theft by a criminal, the criminal threatens the victim to make the information public unless the victim pays him the demanded money. The persons who breaches the security and threatens the victims of the misery are liable to be punished under the section 43 and 66 of the Information Technology act and section 384 and 426 of Indian Penal Code. The way these criminals have access to the other people’s computer and sensitive info. is by hiring a skilled hacker to break into the targeted computer and taking out the required information or by social engineering.

Like here is one illustration in which a man lost all its confidential information because of his carelessness. A woman came to the system admin of a large company to take his interview, on account of taking interview she flirted with the administer and left her pen drive on his table. The administer, out of his curiosity, connected the pen drive in his security sensitive system. Thus once the trojan was in place, a lot of information was stolen very easily.

Coming to software piracy, people do not consider using pirated software as a theft, nut it actually is a serious problem. Pirated software violated the law and intellectual property of the software authors.Such counterfeit software are found in bogus websites, which may be good copy of the original but is often defected.

Software piracy has now become a flourishing business. The copies of pirated software are sold using physical media like CD-ROMs or  through electronic downloads like span emails etc. The person responsible for this piracy and also the user of the pirated software are liable to be punished under the section 63 of copyright act and section 43 and 66 of information technology act. This piracy takes place by the use of high speed CD duplication equipment to create multiple copies of pirated software. To avoid being a victim  of software piracy, always buy a software from the reputable companies.

Similar to software piracy is music piracy in which people do illegal music download, which in simple terms is called as piracy. The way this piracy takes place is same to that of software piracy. The laws for the punishment of the pirates is same as that of software piracy. This piracy of music has a great impact on the selling of the original CDs available in the market thereby leading to negligible sales. Therefore to combat this we need to take a step which bridges the gap of making more music available easily while encouraging legal purchases.

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