UGC-NET Sample Paper

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UGC NET is national eligibility test conducted to garner best talent in education sector in India. Here we have tried to bring out sample paper in General category for you to test your skills for UGC NET


UGC NET sample paper

UGC NET sample paper for national eligibility test

UGC-NET Sample Paper:-

  1. Which of the following causes problems of child guidance?

a)      Illiterate parents
b)      Poverty
c)       Unemployment
d)      All of these

2. Which of the following is a good method of teaching?

a)      Lecture & dictation
b)      Seminar & project
c)       Seminar & dictation
d)      Dictation & assignment

3. A researcher is generally expected to

a)      Study the existing literature in a field
b)      Generate new principles theories
c)       Synthesize the idea given by others
d)      Evaluate the findings of a study

4. A college wants to give training in use of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) to researchers. For this the college should organise:

a)      Conference
b)      Seminar
c)       Workshop
d)      Lecture

5. Which of the following skills are needed for present day teacher to adjust effectively with the classroom teaching?

A.Knowledge of technology
B.Use of technology in teaching learning
C.Knowledge of students’ needs
D.Content mastery

a)      A & C
b)      B & C
c)       B, C & D
d)      B & D

6. A null hypothesis is

a) When there is no difference between the variables
b) The same as research hypothesis
c) Subjective in nature
d)  When there is different between the variables

7. Action research is

a) An applied research
b) A research carried out to solve immediate problems
c)  A longitudinal research
d) Simulative research

8. To be critical, thinking must be

b) Socially relevant
c) Individually satisfying
d) Analytical

9. Bibliography given in a research report

a) Shows vast knowledge of the researcher
b) Helps those interested in further research
c) Has no relevance to research
d) All the above

10. From the given four statements, select the two which cannot be true but yet both can be false. Choose the right pair:

A. All men are mortal
B. Some men are mortal
C. No man is mortal
D. Some men are not mortal

a) A & B
b)C & D
c) A & C
d) B & D

11. The university which telecasts interactive educational programmes through its own channel is:

a) B.R.Ambedkar Open University, Hyderabad
b) I.G.N.O.U
c) University of Pune
d) Annamalai University

12. By which of the following methods the true evaluation of the students is possible?

a) Evaluation at the end of the course
b) Evaluation twice in the year
c) Continuous evaluation
d) Formative evaluation
13. A hypothesis is a:

a) Law
b) Canon
c) Postulate
d) Supposition

14. Books and records are the primary sources of data in

a) Historical research
b) Participatory research
c) Clinical research
d) Laboratory research

15. Which of the following is classified in the category of the developmental research?

a) Philosophical research
b) Action research
c) Descriptive research
d) All the above

16. Classroom communication must be

a)Teacher centric
b)Student centric
c)General centric
d)Textbook centric

17. Aspect ratio of TV screen is

a) 4:3
b) 3:4
c) 2:3

18. Consider the Assertion–1 and Assertion–2  and select the right code given below:

Assertion-1: Even Bank-Lockers are not safe. Thieves can break them and take away your wealth. But thieves can not go to heaven. So you should keep your wealth in heaven.

Assertion-2:  The difference of skin-colour of beings is because of the distance from the Sun and not because of some permanent traits. Skin-colour is result of the body’s reaction to the sun and its rays.


a) Both the assertion-1 and aaertion-2 are forms of argument
b) The assertion-1 is an argument but the assertion-2 is not
c) The assertion-2 is an argument but the assertion-1 is not
d) Both the assertions are explanation of facts

19. Find the number which replaces the ? mark in the given series 90,180,12,50,100,200,?,3,50,4,25,2,6,30,3

a) 150
b) 175
c)  225
d)  250

20. The average salary of 20 workers in an office is Rs. 1,900 per month. If the manager’s salary is added, the average becomes Rs 2,000 per month. The manager’s salary(in Rupees) is

a) 24,000
b) 25,250
c) 45.600
d) None of these

21. A boys goes to school at a speed of 3 kmph and returns to the village at a speed of 2 kmph. If he takes 5 hr is all, what is the distance between the village and the school?

a) 7 km
b) 6 km
c)  4 km
d) 5 km

22. The number of ways in which the letters of the word “ FRACTION” be arranged so that no two vowels are together is

b) 14,400
c) 16.440
d) None of these

23. 16 January 1997 was a Thursday. What day of the week will it be on 4 January 2000?

a) Tuesday
c) Wednesday
d)  Friday

24. Which of the following is a pair of co-primes?

a) (14,35)
b) (18,25)
c) (32.62)
d)  (31,93)

25. 25% of a number is 20. What is 40% of that number?

a) 30
b) 32
c) 35
d)  31

26. In a certain language, HAND is written as SZMW, then what will be the code of MILK in the same language?


27. If GO=32, SHE=49, then SOME will be equal to

a) 56
b) 58
c) 62
d) 64

28. Cyberspace is being governed by a system of law and regulation called:

a) Civil Law
b)Criminal Law
c) Electronic Law
d) Cyber Law

29. The unit of speed uded for super computer is

d) None of these

30. The type of memory that uses in-circuit wiring to erase the content by applying electric field is

b) Flash Memory

31. FPI stands for

a) Faults per inch
b)Frames per inch
c)Figure per inch
d) Film per inch

32. What is the full form of IP?

a) Internet program
b) Interface program
c) Internet protocol
d) Interface protocol

33. The storage capacity of cartridge tape is:

a) 100 MB
b) 40 MB
c) 400 MB
d) 20 MB

34. In Kolkata, major air pollution is caused by

a) Fungal spores
b) Algae
c) Hydrocarbons
d) Carbon monoxide

35. According to the WHO, the greatest killer in the world is:

a) Infectious disease
b) Cancer
c) Heart disease
d) Poverty

36. Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) determines the health of

a) Air
b) Water
c) Soil
d)All of the above

37. DDT is a :

a) Biochemical pollutant
b)Biodegradable pollutant
c) Non-biodegradable pollutant
d) Non-pollutant

38. First international convention on environment was held in:

a) New Delhi
b) New York
c) Stockholm
d) Geneva

39. Most of the air pollution that we experience is located in the:


40. The ex-officio Chairman of the Rajya Sabha is

a)The Prime Minister
b)The President
c)The Vice-President
d)None of these

41. The oath of office is conducted for the President by the

a)Speaker of Lok Sabha
b)Chief Justice of India
c)Vice-President of India
d) None of the above

42. How many territories (apart from NCR, Delhi) are there in India?

d) Three

43. The minimum age required to become the Prime Minister of India is

a)25 years
b)30 years
c) 40 years
d) 35 years

Study the following graph and answer the questions below it (44-49):



 44. What per cent of the total glass packaging material was used for packaging food items?

a) 40.8
b) 41.8
c) 40.7
d) 41.0

45. Approximately how much per cent more plastic was used than iron for packaging food items?

c) 330
d) 240

46. Which of the following packaging material was used for packaging food items and beverages in the ratio is 4:9?


47. What is the ratio between glass and aluminium packaging material used for packing beverages?

c) 84:37
d) 37:84

48. Approximately what per cent of all the packaging materials used for packing food items was contributed by plastic?

a) 60 tonnes
b) 65 tonnes
c) 70 tonnes
d) 55 tonnes

49. Approximately what per cent of all the packaging materials used for packing food items and beverages was contributed by plastic and aluminium together?

d) 75

Read the passage given below and answer the questions below it(50-55):

 The old man pressed his granddaughter’s face against his chest. ‘quiet’ he whispered urgently. “Don’t  move. If you do , we are lost “.
The mob came rushing down the road, hooting and shouting provocative slogans. The old man drew his arm protectively around the little girl’s shoulders. “Don’t cry, he whispered. They will not find us here”.
But when he heard the tramping in front of the woodshed where they were hiding, he wasn’t so sure. Someone kicked the door open. Framed in the open doorway, silhouetted against a red sky, stood two men. Behind them houses burned and sky was thick with smoke.
“Can you see anyone? ” asked the shorter of the two. “Not yet”,was the reply. A torch flashed. Its beam pierced the semi darkness of the shed. The old man shrank back against the stacks of firewood, hoping that the empty drums in front would shield them from the searching light. Eyes wide with terror, he watched the light sweep over the piles of wood, then zig-zag over the peeling walls. Probing the piles of charcoal, drawing closer and closer, the powerful beam hit him in the eyes. Before the old man could turn his face away from the blinding light, his eyes caught the face the face of the tall, dark intruder. For a moment , their eyes met and held. He knew the man, he knew him very well. His neighbour’s son, his friend. But that didn’t seem to matter. Not now, not anymore. What mattered now was religion. To share the belief in the same God. The old man closed his eyes, and turned his face away. Trapped! Caught! Too late to run! Too late to pray! Too late for anything. Time to die.
“Do you see anything?” The shorter man pushed past, “is anybody inside?” The old man held his breath. With his eyes shut, his heart thumping wildly under his sweat stained shirt, he waited. Then, after what seemed an eternity, the tall man’s voice reached him. They came from far away. “No, let’s go. There is nobody here”. And the shed was plunged into darkness once again.

50. Who was the tall man?

a)Brother of the short man
b) The person hiding inside
c) The granddaughter’s relative
d) The old man’s neighbour’s son

51. “…… we are lost” What is implied by this statement in the context of the passage?

a) We cannot see anything as it is ver dark in the room
b) We shall be lost inside
c) We shall be killed
d) We shall lose our home

52. Which of the following is true in the context of the passage?

a)The old man and his granddaughter were hiding in his own house
b) The old man felt safe in their hideout
c) The old man recognized the taller man
d) People around them wanted to kill the old man

53. What conclusion can be drawn from the passage?

a) When it comes to it, religion always comes first
b)The world is a cruel place to live in
c) Provocation leads to disaster
d) Even during mob frenzy, some people show individual human considerations

54. The passage mentions “but it didn’t seem to matter. Not now, not anymore”. What does it imply?

a) Religious differences
b) Mob frenzy
c) That death was inevitable
d) That the tall man was the old man’s friend’s son

55. Consider the following assumptions, with reference to the passage which one is valid?

a) The old man’s and his granddaughter’s life was spared
b) Killing a person just because he/she belongs to different religion is immoral
c) The tall man was a very kind person
d)  The remaining members of the old man’s family were dead

56. Jhuming is a practice of cultivation of land in

c) Haryana
d)North-Eastern India

57. Which statement is not correct about the “National Education Day” of India?

a)It is celebrated on 5th September every year
b)It is celebrated on 11th November every year
c) It is celebrated in the memory of India’s first Union Minister of Education, Dr. Abul kalam Azad
d) It is being celebrated since 2008
58. DTH service was started in the year

a) 2000
c) 2002
d) 2006

59. Which of the following is the oldest Archival Source of data in India?

a)National Sample Surveys
b)Agricultural Statistics
d)Vital Statistics

60. Black cotton soils in India are found in:

a)Bundelkhand Region
b)Kashmir Himalaya
c)Deccan Trap Country
d)Thar Desert

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