Westernization vs Modernization

What should India strive for Westernization or modernization?

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These two terms whose implementation has altered and enhanced the lives of Indian people and particularly of the individuals. These two terms are are Westernization and Modernization. Since a long time, there has been continuous conflict between the two terms. Both of the terms are affecting India, especially, its youth. Now the question comes, “What should India strive for-Westernization or Modernization?”.




It symbolizes the shift into a lot of trendy techniques and strategies.It merely means that the betterment and to maneuver forward in an exceedingly positive sense. Hence, modernization follows to maneuver forward and to induce higher in terms of the many aspects of life. There are many aspects of life where modernization takes place such as living standards, behavioral styles (values, morals, principles), working patterns, technology, education, inter and intra relationships, cultural patterns and so on. When the people of society get better and advanced in the all aspects related to their lives, institutions, thinking, attitudes and relationships then the society or that country is said to be modernized. In modernization the society tries to innovate and utilize its present and old knowledge, patterns, techniques and resources. Modernization makes a society more confident, independent, versatile and moreover self-sufficient. It plays a vital role in bringing up the status of any country among the globally recognized countries.

Westernization : 



It is also a change that has taken place in India to a large extent. It involves adoption of different life styles, cultural ways, working styles, and even the behavioral patterns of the western countries particularly. In westernization there is no innovation or newness because individuals only tend to follow the ways or patterns that are already prescribed by the western culture. India has gained a rapid pace in westernization. Majority of families, individuals, youth are showing a keen interest in the western lifestyles (dressing, partying, housing, outings etc) and attitudes (professionalism, individualism)

In order to make any country developed it is very essential it to be modernized. Though we can adopt certain good things of western countries by holding our own culture and tradition. Therefore it is must for India to strive for Modernization to stand with the developed countries. Culture is the identity of any country and as all know India is rich in heritage, culture, customs and traditions so its very important to preserve it.

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