Women Empowerment – A True Story

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Women Empowerment
One of the current and most common issues of today is “Women Empowerment”. Every corner of the country…or I should say, every corner of the world is focusing towards the development of the female community in the society. But can we say that our society is really developing?

women If we go towards the real world, we can clearly get that the things are not going the way they are supposed to be taken. There is no place in the society where women are living a safe and respected life. Every time, whether they stay at home or they walking on the road, or moving in any public vehicle or working at their office, everywhere they have to suffer some way or other.

Recently we got to know about the inhumanity of a few people done to a girl in Delhi. This was just a single case that got public support just because it had crossed all the limits of stone heartedness. Besides this there are many incidents keep happening at every place, every town, metros n everywhere around the earth.

Not only this, there are many incidents that can be considered as social evils are undertaken towards the female community viz : Female infanticide, violence at home, social mentality. At every point women have to suffer humiliation at different levels. Seeing all this, how can we say that our country “India” is really working for Women Empowerment”.

Although the importance of females have been accepted in the entire world. Many phrases have been given to encourage female welfare such as:

  • One literate man can only serve himself, but one literate woman can serve the whole family.
  • Girls are the nation builders. And so on.

But no one takes pains to work for the same.

India is a land of festivals. Different festivals are valued and well celebrated in different parts of the nation with full gratitude and interest. If we talk about Indian mythology, then most of the Indian festivals have their names on females i.e. Deepawali, Holi, Navratri etc. That means the females have been put at the highest place even by our ancestors. Inspite of so many logical and scientific factors, the condition of women in the real world is really very pitiable. There is numerous incidents of crime against women around the globe. In India, women faces following major social evils which is pulling back women and do not let them to use their own rights of living-

1. Dowry-
This social evil is existing from many decades in Indian Society and is still at the top. Many cases of dowry have been registered and many are still pending. Women are forced to bring dowry from their parents and if she failed, then she is beaten till death. This is the developing Indian Society.

women empowerment


2. Female Infanticide-
Like Dowry, the next problem that women face is the Female Infanticide which is described as the intentional killing of the recently born baby girl. People forced women for abortion once a female birth is reported. This practice is very common in some of the caste who believe that female birth will let their respect down. But they forget that their existence is only because of a women.

when women speaks even USA president responds

when women speaks even most powerful men oblige

Apart from these two some other social evils existing in the society against women are gender discrimination, women education, gender inequality etc. etc.

On a hand, people worship Goddess Laxmi, Durga, Saraswati while at the same time we can have the look of present women society where they are suffering a lot. Many people have a view that lack of education is responsible for all this, but it is not so as now a days, some well educated persons are also involved in such shameful acts.In my opinion, mentality and morals of individual play a vital role.

Here is still a big question that , Where is women empowerment???

Women , have been always respected in indian society and will always be , just because socitey knows that , pink sex is weaker section of society and thus must be properly respected. Its care for the pink sex that Male try to protect them with evils of society.

women empowerment in India

women empowerment a true tale

Are women in  India empowered , Are women in India safe , Are women getting all rights what is this howl about.

By creating hue and cry over women empowerment , it will be just creating undue scenario , we should not forget that “Man is a social animal and we are not robots” and our society is just a form of jungle where animal named HUMAN Race lives which is considered as an intelligent animal. Does that mean-

1. We are a programme and every one will respond in similar , fashion NO . We are animals and thus an animal is habituated of attacking an animal and its a natural phenomenon thus we protect our pink sex from thus virus of society.

2. We know , women or our girls can not protect them selves against predators of socitey thats why we try to protect them from those predators.

3.  i would defensibly recommend death penalty for a rape criminal but does it bring mental status of girl back , I do not think so. I think prevention is better than cure , Better to be safe then to be sorry. why can not i check my own steps before falling prey to something. Dear of jungle needs to keep itself away from jackal . Every powerfull animal is not an Elephant. Non vegetarians have been part of society since its existence and will remain and thus meat has to be served.

i would like to ask any social activist who just cry and howl on name of women empowerment to justify “why only women of this country need to be empowered why not other wealer people , why not whole society needs to get empowered. why to cry only for women empowerment.

But can we forget Sonia gandhi and Susma swaraj these two women are most important pillar of Indian democracy and There presence in India itself suggests that women are getting empowered in India. we have Rabri Devi , Maya wati , Jay lalita and Mamta banarjee , can we forget them and if they exists then women is getting empowered in India.

Today that is on 13th Sept 2013 verdict of court to hang all 4 prime convicts of a rape case at Delhi has empowered women in India to a great extent. Now with this verdict every women in India will feel empowered by act of judiciary.

Now not only any crime against Sonia Gandhi or Sushma Swaraj is Punishable but any crime against any Girl or women is punishable and punishment can be as harsh as DEATH.

Give your views and if you want to talk on Women Empowerment, they put your thoughts and opinions in the comments below this post.

After few days I am adding few value to this article. I heard of a video by Deepika Padukone , whom we consider to be empowered women and looking through her choice , I personally feel that women must not be empowered. I do not say that what so ever Deepika has said in that video as “her choice” is not being practiced by Men or empowered men or Psychopath men but I also feel that , if women will be empowered then they will also start behaving like Psychopath or like Deepika Padukone , who wants to have sex away from marriage and she does not care about her partners emotions and she goes on to say “to love temporarily or for ever its her choice” then whats wrong with My choice, If some one hurt some ones emotions is also offence and punishable , it can not be just your choice I will retaliate and that will be my choice. These are few side effects of women empowerment and , if empowering women result this way then please do not empower women

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