BITSAT Sample Paper of Physics

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BITSAT Sample Paper of Physics

Birla institute of science and technology is one of the leading brand in field of education after IIT in India and  providing great atmosphere for better education with a primary motive of BITS is to “train young men and women able and eager to create and put into action such ideas, methods and technique. In this page you can find out the BITSAT sample paper of physics to guide you through the BITSAT Entrance Exam. Here are the sample questions of Physics-

BITS Pilani

BITSAT Physics Sample Paper

1. Which phenomenon explains the shifting of galaxies from each other?

(a) Red shift (b) white dwarf (c) Black hole (d) Neutron star

2. Sound waves in air are always longitudinal because

(a) the density of air is very small

(b) this is an inherent characteristics of sound waves in all media

(c) air does not have modulus of rigidity

(d) air is a mixture of several gases

3. The equation of progressive wave is given by Y=sin[π(t/5-x/9)+π/6] cm. Which one of the following is correct?

(a) v = 5 cm/sec (b) = 18 cm (c) A = 0.04 cm (d) f = 50 Hz

4. The acceleration due to gravity g and the mean density of earth are related by relation

(a) ρ =g÷G×4/3πRg^3(b) ρ = g÷G×4/3πRg (c) ρ= g÷G×3/4πRg^3 (d) none of these

5. The escape velocity of a particle does not depend upon

(a) mass of projectile (b) radius of earth (c) g (d) none of these

6. Which of the quantities can be written in SI units as kg-m^2 A^–2 sec^–3?

(a) resistance (b) inductance (c) capacitance (d) magnetic flux

7. A man can throw a ball to a maximum height h. He can throw the same ball to a maximum horizontal distance of

(a) h (b) 2h (c) h2 (d) 2h2

8. A mass m with velocity u strikes to a wall normally and returns with the same speed. What is the change in momentum of the body when it returns?

(a) – mu (b) mu (c) 2 mu (d) zero

9. A solid sphere, disc and solid cylinder all of same mass and made up of same material are allowed to roll down (from rest) on an inclined plane, then

(a) solid sphere reaches the bottom late

(b) solid sphere reaches the bottom first

(c) disc will reach the bottom first

(d) all will reach the bottom at the same time

10. N-m^2/ kg^2 is a unit of

(a) torque (b) gravitational constant (c) permittivity (d) surface tension

11. The absolute zero temperature in Fahrenheit scale is

(a) -2370 F (b) -320 F (c) -463 F (d) 132 F

12. Balmer series is found in which of the following  region?

(a)Ultra violet (b)Infrared (c) Invisible region (d)visible region

13. Unidirectional property of p-n junction diode is used in

(a) rectifier (b)amplifier (c)transistor (d)oscillator

14. Which one of the following is related with wien’s displacement law?

(a)λm/T=constant (b) T/λm=constant (c) Tλm=constant (d) none of these

15. An LRC circuit consists of R = 25 Ω and the reactance of C and L are 12 Ω and 24 Ω respectively. The impedance of circuit is

(a) 21 Ω (b) 27.7 Ω (c) 13 Ω (d) 5 Ω (d) 2 Ω

16. In an LCR circuit, impedance is minimum when

(a)R=XL (b)R=XC (c)R=XC+XL (d) R = Z

17. In a pure inductor circuit, the angle between potential and current is

(a) 0 (b)π (c)π/2 (d) 2

18. The reason of various colours in soap bubble is

(a) interference (b) visible light (c) diffraction (d) none of these

19. In Young’s double slit experiment the distance between the two slits is 0.1 mm and the wavelength of light used is 4 10–7 m. If the width of the fringe on the screen is 4 mm. The distance between screen and slits is

(a) 0.1 mm (b) 1 cm (c) 0.1 cm (d) 1 m

20. The calories of heat developed in 200 watt heater in 7 minutes is estimate to be

(a) 15000 (b) 100 (c) 1000 (d) 2 ×10^4

21. 200 W bulb work for 5 minutes, the energy consumed is

(a) 70,000 J (b) 20,000 J (c) 63,000 J (d) 60, 000 J

22. Two infinitely long thin insulated straight wires lie in the x-y plane along the x and y axis respectively. Each wire carries current I respectively in the positive x direction and positive y direction. The magnetic field will be zero at all points on straight line

(a) y = x (b) y = – x (c) y = x –1 (d) y = –x +1

23. If two straight long conductors carry current in the same direction, the magnetic force on each other will be

(a) repulsive (b) attractive (c) zero (d) none of these

24. A charge q is divided into parts q1 and q2. The maximum coulomb repulsion between the two parts is obtained when the ratio of is

(a) 1 (b)2/3 (c) 1/2(d) ¼

25. A proton is accelerated through a potential difference of 1V. Its kinetic energy is

(a) 1 eV (b) zero (c) 2 eV (d) 4 eV

26. Strain energy per unit volume in a stretched string is

(a)1/2 stress× strain (b) stress×strain (c) (stress×strain)^2 (d) none

27. A body is projected from earth surface to become its satellite, its time period of revolution will not depend upon

(a) mass of earth (b) its own mass (c) gravitation (d) radius of earth

28. If force acts on a body whose line of action does not pass through its centre of gravity, then the body will experience

(a) angular acceleration (b) linear acceleration (c) both (a) and (b) (d) none of these

29. If a neutron collides elastically with a stationary -particle with velocity v, what is resultant velocity of neutron?

(a)1/5 v (b) – 2/5 v(c) – 3/5 v(d)4/5 v

30. In case of uniform circular motion, velocity and acceleration are

(a) perpendicular (b) same direction (c) opposite direction (d) not related to each other

31. The ratio of the terminal velocities of two drops of radii R and R/2 is

(a) 2 (b) 1/4 (c) 1/2 (d) 4

32. If the frequency of oscillations of a particle doing SHM is n, the frequency of kinetic energy is

(a) 2n (b) n (c) n/2 (d) none of these

33. If a carnot’s engine functions at source temperature 1270 C and at sink temperature 870C, what is its efficiency?

(a) 10 % (b) 25 % (c) 40 % (d) 50 %

34. In the stable equilibrium position, a body has

(a) maximum potential energy

(b) minimum potential energy

(c) minimum kinetic energy

(d) neither maximum nor minimum potential energy



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