Brand Management- Brand Elements

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Brand Management- Brand Elements

Brand Knowledge is a important factor in building the brand.The structure of Brand Knowledge depends on some important factors like:

  • The initial choice of the brand element
  • The marketing programme through which the brand is integrated into is also plays an important
  • Other secondary associations of the brand which is directly or indirectly transferred to the brand which are the brand entities.   Brand Management- Brand Elements


There are some important criteria that must be taken into account before creating the brand elements. These important criteria are as follows:

  • MemorabilityThe elements choosen for the brand should be memorable so that they could achieve the recall and recognition of the customers. Therefore there should be something in the brand that can be easily recognized by the customers and occupy the space in their minds.
  • MeaningfulnessIt is necessary that the elements included in the brand should have some meaning to it i.e it should define the meaning of the brand  with descriptive or persuasive content which include the nature and features of the product which would also include brand awareness and also build positive brand image and also define unique brand positioning.
  • LikabilityIt means whether or not the customer finds the brand attractive if these elements exist in the brand then it reduces the marketing and communication efforts from the brand and helps to create awareness about the brand.
  • TransferabilityIt means that how effectively the brand is able to be transferred to different geographical regions easily and is also acceptable there to the customers.
  • AdaptabilityIt means how flexible is the brand and if the customers response and values changes with the time then how flexible and adaptable the brand is like in some brands they change the logos from time to time.
  • ProtectabilityThe marketers should be able to choose the brand which is protectable which means that the brand should be registered legally and should be able to defend trademarks from unauthorized infringement.

Some Tactics for creating Brand Element

A variety of brand elements can be chosen that inherently enhance brand awareness or facilitate the formation of strong, favorable, and unique brand associations. Some important tactics should be taken into account in order to create a unique and distinctive brand element which are:

  • Brand Names
  • Logos
  • Symbols
  • Characters
  • URL’s
  • Slogans

Packaging In Creating Brand Element– There are some objectives that need to be fulfilled while creating a brand element:

  • Identifying the brand
  • Communicating the information of product
  • Delivering product protection
  • Aid Product consumption




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