BSER English Sample Paper for Class 10th

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Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan is abbreviated as BSER which aims at the development and improvement of educational filed in the state. This post has been made for Rajasthan Board students which include Solved English Sample Paper for Class 10th for the purpose of their revision. In order to get good marks in the board exams,revision of all important topics should be properly made by each students before exam. This English Sample Paper for Class 10th is designed to help you in this regard.

BSER English Sample Paper for Class 10th


English sample paper for class 10

English sample paper for class 10

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As a B.Tech Graduates I have prepared English Sample Paper for Class 10th students taking assistance from certain books. The set of questions are based on Rajasthan board of Secondary Education syllabus to help students for their better performance.

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BSER English Sample Paper for Class 10th

General Instructions:
a) This paper consists of two sections.
b) Section-A for Grammar which contains questions from 1-12.
c) Section-B for Reading which contains questions from 13-24.
d) Every question has marks allotted with it.

Section-A (Grammar Section)

Choose the appropriate preposition : [4 marks]

1) It was a very slow train. It stopped——– every station.
(a) in    (b) at    (c) on    (d) for

Ans: b

2) Mr. Sharma is in hospital. He has been there——– Monday.
(a) for    (b) from    (c) on    (d) since

Ans: d

3) What is the time——– your watch?
(a) by    (b) in    (c) from    (d) with

Ans: a

4) Write your name——– the top of the page.
(a) on    (b) in    (c) at    (d) over


5) Fill in the blank with the correct form of the verbs given in the blanks :[4 marks]
(i) Mr. Verma is away on holiday.  He———- to Mt. Abu.  (go)
Ans: (i) has gone  

(ii) We are late. The film———– by the time we get to the cinema.  (start)
Ans:  (ii) would be started

(iii) We are good friends.  We———– each other for a long time.  (know)
Ans: (iii) have known

(iv) When we arrived at the party, Manish was not there. He———– home.  (go)
Ans: (iv) had gone

6)(a) Fill in the blanks appropriate prepositions .[2 marks]
(i) My friend will come back home———- Monday.    (ii) Ram has been ill————the last week.
Ans: (i) by (ii) since

(b)Fill in the blank with relative pronouns : [2 marks]
(iii) What is the name of the person———– car you borrowed? (iv) The hotel———– we stayed wasn’t very clean.
Ans:  (iii) whose (iv) where

7) Fill in the blanks with some, any, a little, little, the little few, a few, the few : [4 marks]
(i) I enjoy my life here.  I have ———–friends and we meet quite often.
(ii) He spoke———— English, so it was difficult to talk to him.
(iii) Please give me ———— try or notion about places of interest in the town.
(iv) We didn’t buy———– flower.

Ans: (i) a few (some) (ii) little (iii) some (iv) any

8) Complete the following sentences using the degrees of adjectives given in the brackets [2 marks].

(i) I am not as tall as you. You ———– (taller) (ii) Rekha is a very intelligent girl.She ———- in the class. (intelligent)
Ans: (i) You are taller than me.
(ii) She is the most intelligent girl.

9) Frame a question or add a question tag to the following  sentences. [2 marks]
(i) Why ———-? I went to Delhi to meet my uncle. (ii) Your father is a doctor, ———–?
Ans: (i) Why did you go to Delhi ?
ii) isn’t he ?

10) Rewrite the following sentences using the connectives given in the brackets.[2 marks]
(i) The food was too hot to eat.The food ———- (so – that) (ii) Mr. Verma is quite rich. He can buy a car. Mr. Verma ———- (enough – to)
Ans: (i) The food was so hot that I could not eat it.
(ii) Mr. Verma is rich enough to buy.

11) Write the following sentences in the passive voice.[2 marks]
(i) Somebody is cleaning the room at the moment. The room ———-. (ii) How do people learn languages ?
Ans: (i) The room is being cleaned.
(ii) How are languages learnt ?

12) Change the following sentences with Indirect Speech.[2 marks]
(i) Please do not tell anybody what happened. Anil asked me———–
(ii) Alka said to me, ‘ Are you going to the library ? Alka asked me ———–.
Ans: (i) Anil asked to me not to tell anybody what happened.
(ii) Alka asked me if I was going to the library.

Section-B ( Reading Section)

Read the following sentences and answer the questions :

My dear boy,‘Said my companion, with a smile. Do you know that you are talking in the way in which most of the people of  the world generally  talk ?  Of course, I desire that  people should be  better and happier,myself among the number.But how am I to set about it ?  Most people’s idea of  being  better  and  happier is  to  grow  richer and make other people serve them.They  want  more things to eat and drink and honor, power and position. Nothing is more unwise  and laughable than ordinary people’s aims and ambitions. I do not want people to be only rich  and more prosperous. Wealth and the pleasures of the world and the good things in life do not  make one truly happy. In the wrong run, they lead to moral evils. I want  them to be simpler and  more honest and more loving and sacrificing. Then only will they be happy and make others happy.

13) In what manner was the boy  talking,  according  to the author ? [1 mark]
Ans: The boy was talking in the way in which most people generally talk.

14) What does the author want others to be ? [1 mark]
Ans: The another wants other people to be better and happier.

15) What do the majority of  people think about life ?[1 mark]
Ans:  Majority of  people  think of being better, happier and richer.

16) What do the people want in addition to good food and clothing ?[1 mark]
Ans: They want success and honor, power and position.

17) Why doesn’t the author desire the people to be only rich and prosperous ?[1 mark]
Ans: The author doesn’t desires the people to be only rich and prosperous because these things do not make one truly happy.

18) When as per the  author  will the people be happy ? [1 mark]
Ans: As per the author the people will be happy  when  they  become simpler,  more  truthful,  more loving and sacrificing.

19) What does the author regards for himself ?[1 mark ]
Ans: The author regards himself as one of the common people.

20) Find the word from the passage which means giving up one’s own life for others.[1 mark ]
Ans: The word is sacrificing

Explain the meaning of literary Terms :[4 marks]

21) Rhyme –
Ans: It is a frequently recurring patterns of sounds. It makes the poetry charming.  Rhyme is resemblance of sound in the accented syllables of two or more words e.g. Cat-fat, hating-skating.

22) Drama –
Ans: Drama is a type of literature which  is a work of art written to be performed by actors on a stage. It can be “tragedy” or “comedy”.

23)Sonnet –
Ans : The sonnet is a type of lyric which is a poetic composition of fourteen lines expressing one’s thought .

24) Humor –
Ans : It refers to a state of mind which determines a person’s physical and mental characters, aptitude to appreciate.

I hope this will help you to evaluate how much focus is required in order to perform better in the exam.For any kind of suggestions about the content of above sample paper, please follow the comment section below.

BEST of Luck for your exam preparations..!!!

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