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Career prospects for an Ethical hacker

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About Ethical Hacking:

Ethical hacking is considered to be the hacking in which hacker deliberately hacks into a website or a computer or mainframe to check the security in that and also to find out the loop holes in that website. They are hired by the organizations for securing their data from outside interference and tampering of data. As, the no of black hat hackers have increased day by day, the organizations are now in trouble and seek help from the Ethical hackers. Thus Ethical hackers get paid high packages and are the trusted persons in the company. Ethical hackers are certified hackers and are certified by the EC- council. Thus, a career in Ethical hacking is a great decision for any individual. Let us take a look on the job prospects of Ethical hacking in the recent times.

Career prospects for an Ethical Hacker:

white hat

white hat

The threats of hacking have increased a lot in the recent times. In the recent times more than 21 websites, which include in them a budget website belonging to the Andhra Pradesh government have been hacked by the black hat hackers. This has gained more attention as the website belonged to the government. This should be kept in mind that in this wide world every day every minute some website or account or email is prone to an attack. Now, this hacked website can belong to a government body, bank or an IT industry. This attack could lead to leaked information, faulty announcements that could thus create chaos. This is a tremendous problem and can only be handled by invent of Ethical Hacking.

The Ethical hacker hacks the system but this time it is for a good reason. These hackers are White Hat or Ethical. These do a work quite similar to the hackers, i.e. spotting a loop hole in the security system from where they can get in. But the difference is that they don’t hack it they inform it to the coders who secure this loophole. This way an Ethical Hacker improves the security of the website.


Jobs in Ethical hacking:

Today many organizations are hiring Ethical hackers into their IT teams to improve network security. Others are contacting Ethical hacking companies to ask for fixes. Thus, this career has emerged to be a promising bit. According to a survey which was conducted by the International Data Corp, there is a present demand for more than 60000 information security and cyber security professionals, and this demand is expected to grow to77000 in India itself and 188000 worldwide in the coming few years. In India companies like Dell, Wipro, Infosys, IBM, Tech Mahindra, Amazon and many more It firms and even banks are recruiting Ethical hackers from all over India.

Thus, Ethical hacking is a new and great job opportunity for new engineers and graduated who have a tilt towards programming.

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