Ethical Hacking Books For Beginners

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Hacking is considered to be a two way tool either to create system more secure or to create mischief. In present era, to the people, there is a craze of learning something or the other. So as some people show deep interest in ethical hacking. For the beginners there are various books available in the market from where they can learn step by step hacking. Some of the Ethical Hacking Books For Beginners are:

1. The Hacker’s Underground Handbook:

This book will configure you from the bottom to the top. It will tell you about hacking in simple steps. Everything is present in a very simple and effective manner. It is a great source for beginner who wish to become hacker. You will learn about all the tricks of hacker an even can implement them in real life situation. You might get so much interest that you may think of pursuing your career in ethical hacking.

Price : In India it’s Rs 1,652.00 where as all around world its $25.12

Hackers Underground Book

Hackers Underground Book


2. Hacking For Dummies:

This book has a complete information on hacking in detail.  Being here dummy means that you don’t know anything about hacking and everything will be taught as you are a beginner in hacking. This book in written in plain English and even a child could often understand.

Price: In India\ it’s Rs 237.00 (available in shopping websites)

Hacking for Dummies

Hacking for Dummies


3. A Beginners Guide To Ethical Hacking:

It provides a complete pathway from a beginner in becoming an expert. The information given in this book will transform you to a master hacker. You will learn all technical techniques of ethical hacking. You could secure your computers from trojans, worms, adwares etc. You will be able to protect yourself from future hack attacks. The information given in this book will make you think like hacker.

Price: Its price is around $20.00

A  Beginners Guide to Ethical Hacking

A Beginners Guide to Ethical Hacking


4. Metasploit : The Penetration Tester’s Guide:

This book helps in sharing, exploiting and discovering vulnerabilities. This book fills each and every gap by teaching you how to harness the framework and  be a ethical hacker. This book is suitable for the users who have no prior knowledge about metasploit.  In the ending you will get some realistic experience of actual penetration.

Price: The cost of this book in India is Rs 2,222.00




5. Web Hacking Attacks and Defense:

This book gives all the information about web hacking and teaches enhanced skills in developing defenses. In this book you will get all the protocols and web languages with URLs , Its features include: overview of web, detailed analysis of hacking techniques, countermeasures etc,.

Price: The price of this book is about $32.48

Web Hacking Attacks and Defense

Web Hacking Attacks and Defense

Hence these are certain books which one can go through while starting with ethical hacking and deep.


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