Facebooking a favorite time pass activity

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Its no wrong to say this millennium as the “Era of  internet” which has begun its foothold with the triumph of social networking. There are hundreds of ideas for social networking business and with these ideas exist hundreds of social networking sites. Needless to say that Facebook is the all time champion of this indefinitely long race, as of now. The one which is incomparable, best of the best, defeating every other site. Out of around 7.5 billion people in this world, 1.1 billion have Facebook account, says Facebook in its Facebook’s quarterly earnings report on March 31, 2013. Seeing this figure, it can definitely be said that Facebooking is the favorite time  time pass activity of people, and out of them, youngsters specially. But is it actually so? Come on, let’s have a look why people use Facebook so much :-


Facebooking: A favorite time pass activity

Connecting people might be Nokia’s dream, but Mark Zuckerberg was much more serious about that. Just imagine, if everybody, every single person on this Holy planet has a Facebook account, you can actually know every human being in this world. Doesn’t it seem fascinating? Knowing all people in this world through a single site, which is so interactive and free of cost. There was a time when our parents were young. Those were the days when keeping a diary, with handful of phone numbers was the only medium to connect with friends. Believe me my parents barely have any idea where their school mates are. And I also believe similar is the case of all of us. Then in February 4, 2004, a Boom! Facebook took birth. Presently, I barely have any idea who of my school mates is not on Facebook. Be one in California, Russia, Philippines or any nook and corner of the world, through Facebook I can know how their day went. That’s the biggest reason why people like Facebooking so much.

Another reason for “Facebooking is a time pass activity” is that Facebook is like an auto-biography and posting on wall is like writing a paragraph on your auto-biography notebook. People share their photos; of parties, with friends, sitting on a mountain or beside a river; eating a big pizza, in front of a seven star hotel etc etc. and through them, they share  their feelings. It means you can actually know how your friend felt upon topping in the class or breaking out a relationship.  It means you can understand their happiness, their sorrows, they smile and their tears. Not only that, Facebook keeps a concern on your privacy too. Except your few buddies, no one can know what was the last evil you did. Then why not be Facebooking, a favorite time pass activity?

Third reason for why Facebooking is a time pass activity is that Facebook has now turned to be a business platform, a means to become famous. If you are a celebrity, then no doubt you can easily earn 1000k likes, games like Farmville attract not kids only, and even companies are making their Facebook pages; trying to spread their glory everywhere in the world. And above all that, we have paid advertisements too. More Facebooking might lead to more fame. Its truth.

With time, Facebook has turned to be an education center. GK, philosophy, science and technology; be it any stream, we have a group on that. People ask their queries, answer questions and clear their doubts and hence learn.

So! What to say now! Seeing these points I don’t think that Facebooking is a time pass activity. It has connected so many people all over the world; a place to learn or advertise your brand or anything. With the help of this site the world came into our hands more easily. It has became more a friend.

But these were my views. Your views are important too because discussion can never happen with only a single mouth. Please feel free to share your views in the comment box below. It will be my pleasure to know your views also.

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    Kundan Paswan

  11. umajeyapaul says:

    basically i am from tamil medium.how i selected in campus interview?

  12. Prachi Desai says:

    It definitely is a time pass activity as it contains lots of fun activities, like games that are used by people on a regular basis to get out of their boredom. Being a social networking site it is just a means of communication where people can make new friends or connect with long lost friends.People become so addictive towards it that they spend most of their time socializing via facebook. While Individuals connect through facebook to their co-workers or colleagues which helps them to remain up to date.

  13. Atif Pall says:

    The biggest & burnning example of what Social Networking is all about. “Facebook” has become nothing but a personal diary of everyone. Delivering entertainment at a wider range including online gaming on almost all web browser platforms has made it even more popular than any other social networking site. Easy & Convenient to use with an option of customizing your security options. The most common communication medium of connecting to anyone in this world. Whether it’d be sharing pictures,videos to your friends & family or be it online chatting ; facebook has almost managed to explore more and more by encircling a wide variety of other applications in its network. Also gives you an option of sharing pictures feasibly worldwide from almost anywhere .Just a click and the work is done. World’s largest online community with a network of almost a 900 million users. Mark Zuckerberg has almost brought the world to our finger tips.
    Facebook is a combination of entertainment,work,sharing,chatting & video chatting alone and with the invent of mobile facebook application feature in all new smart phones makes it more and more extraordinary and addictive. Facebook is fun.

  14. dimpi says:

    Facebooking : it have both advantages as well as disadvantages as it make us up to date with what’s goin in the atmosphere also helps in improving our communication skills but using facebook should be the under the guidence of parents or care takers so that it can be time bounded.

  15. ARPIT TARAN says:

    Facebook is good for communication purpose, here individual can make friends, new relation, can interact with new people, can be in contact with different people. From facebook one can learn a lot like by following pages, persons, knowned personalities, he/she can do much things. It’s good for advertising purpose, if you have launched a new product then you can advertise it online through facebook. It’s your vision how you see things in your life. Here you can form many groups category wise & can get updates of your interest. Even i have learned many things from facebook. Here you can act in such a way to have an effect on another using chatbox or by sending personal message. If you are fond of playing games then here on facebook lots of games are available & your compete with whole world over here & make place in your leader board.

  16. Akash Tripathi says:

    I am in favor. Its a good time pass activity including social network enhancing facility.
    Facebook now a days is a mind refreshing activity .

  17. Er Ketan Joshi says:

    From my point of view Facebook is not the time pass element. If you are the technical student like me you have a big curiosity to know how Facebook is develop well know i dont want to discuss this point here i just want to say Facebook is not an time pass element because by Facebook you can connect with any people in this huge world and you can share your view,update your status. Facebook also use to support people that is last few months ago there is an gang raped done in delhi so so many Facebooker shared there view via. Facebook they support that girl and give the justice .It is also used for advertisment , and there is also used to video chat and even audio chat also available in Facebook.

  18. aratrika sengupta says:

    *)Facebook is used to advertise products which are relatively new in the market and can be easily purchased through facebook.
    *)It is good way to update people about the recent events taking place nearby or in the world.
    *)Facebook being a quick and effective way of communicating (people separated by time zones) can not be termed as a time pass activity.
    *)Facebook teaches a lot of new aspects about different websites
    So, i d rather want to defy by the notion because it all depends upon the mentality n the way a person wants to take a social networking channel.But all you need is “SELF CONTROL” over yourself.

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