FDI in Retail in India is a Boon or Bane?

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FDI in retail industry means that foreign companies in certain categories can sell products through their own retail shop in the country. At present, foreign direct investment (FDI) in pure retailing is not permitted under Indian law. Government of India has allowed FDI in retail of specific brand of products. As India is one of the developing countries, so FDI must be promoted but must be kept under control as it can affect the economy of the country.

FDI in retails


FDI in my opinion is bad for the country’s economy. As we are in the category of developing country and to develop properly we need to control the country’s economy very carefully. If the % in FDI in retail sector (multi-brand) is increased then the investment in India’s retail market will be from foreign investors and the profits are also drained to the investors. And moreover in INDIA, the retail sector mainly depends upon the agricultural sectors and the producer and if FDI is increased then it is going to affect the agricultural sector of the Country very badly and which will affect the country’s economy. And if the % of FDI is increased to 100% in retail (both single and multi-brand) sector then government will lose the control over this sector completely and then it cannot help in controlling this sector with its rule and regulations as the whole retail sector would be privatized. And this privatization can make a very serious effect on the country’s economy.

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And one of the most disadvantage of FDI in retail sector is that as we know that the retail sector is one of the major employment provider and permitting FDI in this sector can displace the unorganized sector and leading to loss of livelihood the most favoring example is if wall mart entry in retail sector is allowed then it will kill the millions of local shops and jobs. The global retailers would exercise monopolistic power to raise prices and monopolistic power to reduce the prices received by the supplier. Hence both the consumer and supplier would lose while the profit margin in such retail change would go up. So from the above points i can say that  FDI in retail sector is not good for India.

Advantages of FDI in Retail in India

  • Growth in Economy
  • Job Opportunities
  • Benefits to Farmers
  • Benefits to consumers
  • Lack of Infrastructure
  • Cheaper Production facilities
  • Availability of new technology
  • Long term cash liquidity
  • Conducive for the country’s economic growth
  • FDI opens up a new avenue for Franchising

Disadvantages of FDI in Retail in India

  • Impact on Local Markets ( Kirana Shops)
  • Limited Employment Generation
  • Fear of Lowering Prices
  • Negative Impact on Indian Economy
  • Negative Impact on Indian Domestic Market

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