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Geo means earth and textile means fabric. Those fabric which are used related to earth known as geotextile. Geotextile are made with polyester, polypropylene, PVC, polyamide and fiberglass. The sewing thread are made with polymers. The physical property of these material can be changed by adding the numbers of additives in it and also changing the composition of it.


In the first part the woven are made. These are the wrap yarns which run parallel to the geotextile sheet. The construction of the geotextile provides the high strength. The construction of the woven in the geotextile produces the pore size and opening between the fibers.

The non woven geotextile are formed by the process of weaving or knighting. The non woven geotextile are thicker than the woven products. The geotextile are made in two ways which is continuous filament and staple fiber. The orientation of these fibers are in the sequential manner generally.
The cut pieces of the geotextile are get together with the help of sewing and thermal bonding. However in the thermal bonding we get the low tensile strength in the case of sewing we get high strength.


Geotextile perform more than one functions such as filtration, drainage, soil-erosion, separation , sedimentary control and reinforcement.


Filtration of soil in drainage problem is done by retaining the soil particle and by allowing the fluid flow.
It is able to control the soil movement in erosion problem.
It is used in civil environmental engineering.
Geotextile are used to sand surge protection and flooding problem.
It is able to control the soil surface from tractive force of moving fluid.


In the filtration of the dust collectors
These are effective in the drainage problem
It is used for the erosion control
Geotextile is also able to control the sedimentary in the soil
The geotextile have the strength in it so able to control the reinforcement
It is used for separation of the undesirable mixing in the fluid or air
Woven and non woven both types of geotextile are used for moisture barrier
It is also used of making the geobags


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