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About SAT 


SAT is an entrance exam used by universities and colleges for admissions in the United States. It was first introduced in 1926S .It is owned and published by college board which is a private organization in United States. The SAT is taken by high school students, juniors and seniors.SAT score differs from college to college.

SAT Exam Pattern-

There are three sections in SAT test-

  1. Maths-  It is also called as quantitative section. The mathematics section consists of three sections.
  • Two sections are of 25 minutes and one is 20 minute section. In 25- minute section questions are of multiple choice types having 20 questions.
  • The other section that is of 25-minutes contains 10 grid-in questions and 8 multiple choice questions.
  • The last section that is of 20 minute contains 16 multiple choice questions.
  1. Writing The writing section contains multiple choice questions and a brief essay. There is no choice of topics you have to write the essay on the topic given. The essay score contributes about 28%of total writing score and multiple choice questions contribute 70% of the total writing score. The multiple choice questions include questions related to error identification, sentence correction questions, paragraph improvement questions.


  1. Reading   The reading section is further categorized into three sections-two sections of 25 minute and one of 20 minute with different types of questions that includes short and long passage based questions and sentence completion.
    This section starts with 5 to 8 questions related to sentence completion, the sentence completion questions tests student vocabulary and understanding of the sentence.
    In passages students have to read the passage and answer the questions given related to that passage.


Each section in SAT is scored on a 200- 800 point scale, which makes the perfect score 2400.

The SAT exam is conducted seven times a year in the United States ; in October, November, December, January, March or April, May and June.

The test is usually conducted on the first Saturday of the month for the November, December, May and June. The SAT is conducted on the same dates in other countries as in United States except for the spring test date that is the month of March or April.

The candidates can take the test exam on any given SAT test date.


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