HVAC Pre-filtration

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HVAC Pre-Filter is done with the two components. The first one is the HVAC system and the second one is the HVAC Pre-filtration. Let elaborate these two terms for the discussion.

HVAC is elaborated as Heating, Ventilation, And Air Conditioning. HVAC system is used for provide the thermal comfort and indoor air quality. Basically the HVAC system is based on the following terms in engineering such as there is the application of Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. HVAC system is used to design ventilation in the industrial area or in the home or the equipment that are mechanically established. The installation of the HVAC system is for thermal comfort and the quality of the air.

Pre-Filter, these are the filter which is used for removing the dust which is above the more size than other dust particles before the product stream enters into another filter. These are most used to remove gross solids to reduce the load in the filter bag. The pre-filter are used widely where the heavy dust loading are present in the air which is to be cleaned.The purpose of the HVAC Pre-filters is to keep the indoor system parts from cloth with dusty and other foreign material.


There are three types of products in this type of system that are-
Pocket Filter
Disposable pleated filter
Disposable panel filter

Pocket filter are used in the commercial applications in the pre-filter. These are produced from the grass fiber media earlier. Pocket filters are having the 3 to 12 pockets that is depend upon their frame sizes. These types of filter bags are the moisture resistance.


The shape of such types of pocket bags are mechanically stacked.
Disposable pleated filter are the high capacity filter that are used in the flat panels and the VG-forms panels as their work. These are the high capacity filter having the deepness of 25 to 100mm. these are used as the pre filters.

Disposable panel filter are made by very dense poly fiber that are used to hold the large dust particles. The fibers are used in it is the best grade of quality. It has low pressure drop and high capacity to hold the dust.


Having low pressure drop in the pre-filtration process.
Thermal terms are desirable to optimize the working of the HVAC filter bag.
Dust removing capacity in the range of microns to mm.
Filtration pressure is about to 0 to 800 k Pa.


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