IES Previous year Question Papers of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

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Indian Engineering Services are the most important part of civil services that meet all possible technological and executive functions of Indian Government. Recruitment are done on the basis of merits, the middle administration positions in the organization are filled all the way through competitive exams. Even every year most of students appear for IES Exam to check their caliber of being served for the limited posts offered. In IES, recruitment primarily takes place for three categories which are Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and Mechanical Engineering . This exam is conducted bu UPSC every year for the recruitment. Here in this post, IES Previous year Question Papers of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering are made available for the practice point of view.

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Sample Questions for IES Exam for Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

IES Question papers

IES Previous Year Question papers

1. Knockoff sounds are used in

a. In blood flow measurements
b. In blood pressure measurements
c. In heart valve functioning
d. As a reference for sound level measurement


2. CMRR in an ECG amplifier when input impedance is 2MΩ and difference of electrode skin contact as 1kΩ is

a. 1000
b. 2000
c. 3000
d. 5000


3.  A graphic record of heart sound is

a. ECG
b. Phono-cardiogram
c. Vector-cardiogram
d. Electroencephalogram


4. To increase the magnifying power of a telescope , which of the following should be increased

a. Focal length of the objective
b. Focal length of the eye piece
c. Aperture of the objective
d. Aperture of the eye piece


5. In nuclear instrumentation , heaviest and flow moving particles are

a. Beta particles
b. Alpha particles
c. Gamma rays
d. Protons


6. Synchrono is a transducer

a. Variable reluctance
b. Parabolic
c. Angular position
d. Synchronization

Ans- c

7. The particles of pirani gauge is based on

a. Humidity of the medium
b. Thermal conductivity of the medium
c. Combustibility of the medium
d. None

Ans- b

8. Two lenses having power +6D and – 4D are placed in contact. The power of the combination is

a. -2D
b. -4D
c. +4D
d. +2D

Ans- d

9. Piezoelectric crystal can be used to measure

a. Temperature
b. Velocity
c. Acceleration
d. Flow

Ans- c

10. A photo conductive cell is useful for

a. High frequency application
b. Medium freq. application
c. Low freq application
d. All of these

Ans- c

11. Moire fringes are used for measurements of rotary displacement along with

a. Contact type encoder
b. Optical encoder
c. Both a and b
d. None of these

Ans- b

12. When ECG is recorded by connecting 2-electrodes, one is left arm and other in left leg , recording is made in

a. Lead I configuration
b. Lead II configuration
c. Both a and b
d. None


13. In diagnostic application ultrasound is both generated and detected by the piezoelectric effect in the

a. MF and HF ranges
b. LF ranges
c. VLF ranges
d. EHF ranges

Ans- a

14. The photo diode as compared to the photo transistor has

a. Fast switching time
b. Lower sensitivity
c. Higher size for the same value of o/p current
d. All of these

ans- b

15. One gram of hemoglobin when fully saturated carries of gas

a. 0.34 ml
b. 0.68ml
c. 1.02 ml
d. 1.34ml

Ans- d

16. Newtons rings are formed when an air film is enclosed between

a. Two convex surfaces
b. Plane and concave surfaces
c. Two concave surfaces
d. Plane and convex surfaces

Ans- d

17.  If half life of the radio active radon is 3.8 days, then the time at the end of which 1/20th of the radon sample will remain undecayed is

a. 3.8 days
b. 16.5 days
c. 33 days
d. 76 days

Ans- b

18. He-Ne laser has wavelength

a. 514.5nm
b. 632.8 nm
c. 1.06 µm
d. 10.6 µm

Ans- b

19. % of blood volume in platelets when diameter of platelets is about 2µm is

a. 0.1%
b. 0.7%
c. 0.5%
d. None

Ans- a

20. What is the deflection at center for a pressure of 150 kN/m when pressure is 300 kN/m^2 ?

a. 0.0105
b. 0.0205
c. 0.0305
d. 0.0405

Ans- b   

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