Importance of Selection

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The process in which from a large group of applicants some of them are differentiated for the purpose of hiring and mainly those who have greater chance to get success in the job ,is known as selection. It is mainly a decision making process in which the managers decide that if that which applicant to hire for getting success in the job. In this process the candidates are divided into two groups, one of those who have chances to get the job and other group consists of applicants who would not be offered the job.    Importance of Selection

There is difference between the process of Recruitment and that of the selection which is stated below :

  • Recruitment is the process in which the procurement for the right candidates is started whereas selection is that process in which the recruitment of the candidate ends.
  • Recruitment is considered to be a positive task where all the applicants are invited whereas selection is the negative task where many of the applicants are eliminated for the employment.
  • Recruitment is a easy task as it does not require any skill to invite the applicants but the process of selection require skilled expertise about the job offered in order to select the right applicants for the employment.
  • Recruitment is the searching process whereas selection is the screening function.

Importance of Selection

Selection is an important aspect for the organization due to the following reasons :

  • It helps in identifying the right candidates for a company
  • It analyses the performance of work in each candidate
  • It helps in avoiding false negatives and false positives of the candidates

The process of selection is started by filling up the application form which is having a standard format ,to collect the necessary information about the candidates and to decide whether the candidate is applicable for the job or not. The information that is collected should be correct and reliable for clear decision making. The application form must contain details regarding the biographical characteristics, academic qualifications, experience and other references of the candidate.

Foe creating an effective selection process it should be made clear that there are no barriers in the process. Some barriers that may exist in the selection process are:

  • Perception of the panel for a particular individual based on a single characteristic possessed by him.
  • Fairness in the part of the interviewer, that is the interviewer should not be bias.
  • Validity of the information collected from the candidate in the application form
  • Reliability of the information that is made available by the candidate during the process.
  • Pressur of work or any other external force should not be present



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