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The research is all about Indian Administrative Service

The Indian Administrative Services (IAS) is most respectable job in India. The IAS officers have name and fame both and glamour also.the IAS officers handle the affairs of both the government central government and state government.the Indian Administrative service was constituted in 1946.Indian Administrative service Provides the posts to his members like District Collector, Heads of Departments, and Head of Public Enterprises at the state level. They can also be posted on deputation to the Central Government to various posts.

Becoming an IAS officer is the Dream of the in the Heart of many UPSC Aspirants. But understand to covert the dream of becoming the IAS officer into reality, it takes Time without any doubt.

In india, whichis the developing Nation getting into the Indian administrative services will definately make you the Learned person. as you being the Indan administrative officer will see the Bottom to Up approach o Development.

You know what earlier IAS was  East India Company’s Civil Service (HEICCS). That time in this Highly reputed Services the entry of Britishers were allowed as the Administrative work was seen by Britishers only. Since then, the Craze of the IAS officer has not gone

Top IAS coaching centers in India

Recruitment procedure:

The Indian Administrative service recruits candidate from three various modes.

1.The civil services examination conducted by the UPSC every year.

2. The State civil officers promotion to the Indian Administrative Services.

3.Through selection of non state civil services officers.

Application procedure for civil services


The Training center for the IAS officers is Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA). And all the officers direct recruiters and the promoted officers took training here. After completion of their training they are confirmed.


IAS Officers are responsible for maintaining the law and order in his area and also responsible for revenue administration and for general administration.some of the functions are given below-

1.Collection of revenue and function as the court in revenue matters.

2.Maintenance law and order in his area.

3. State government and central government policies are implemented and supervised by the IAS Officer.

4.IAS Officer also handles the daily affairs of the government.

5. Travel the places to see the implemented policies.

6.Function As Executive magistrate.

7.Function as chief development officer (CDO)/ District development officer.

8.IAS officers at various levels like Joint Secretary, Deputy Secretary, etc. make their contributions and the give final shape to policies.

9.Supervision of expenditure of public funds as per norms of financial propriety.

How to prepare for civil services Exam

Designations for IAS Officers during the field Duties:

1.SDO/SDM/Joint Collector/ Chief Development Officer (CDO)

2.District Magistrate/District Collector/Deputy Commissioner

3.Divisional Commissioner

4. Member Board of Revenue

5.Chairman Board of Revenue

Appointment to other organisations:

IAS officers also work as the personal secretaries of the ministers in central government. and IAS Officers can be also appointed in Public Sector Units/autonomous organizations/ sub ordinate organizations/international organizations like world bank or Asian development banks.

Designations during posting in secretariat:

1.Under secretory in government of India.

2.Deputy secretory in government of India.

3.Director in government of India.

4. Joint Secretory in central government/Secretory in State Government.

5.Additional secretory to government of India/Principal secretory in state government.

6.Secretory to government of India/Chief secretory.

7.Cabinet secretory.


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