Placement Criteria for Amtek India Limited

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Placement Criteria for Amtek India Limited

Date : 20 may 2013

Amtek India Limited

logo of amtek-auto

logo of amtek-auto

Amtek India Limited is a leading provider of iron cast automotive components and assemblies in India. The Company’s product portfolio consists of a range of components for two third of the wheelers, cars, tractors, light commercial vehicles(LCW), heavy commercial vehicles(HCW) and stationary engines. The categories of automotive components manufactured are connecting flywheel assemblies, rod assemblies, cylinder blocks, and turbo charger housing and etc..,

The objective of Amtek India Investor Relations is to ensure continuous and open communication with all financial market participants.

Job Openings

  • Quality Manager
  • Assistant Manager

Quality manager

Experience :8 to 13 year experience
Qualification :
Diploma – Mechanical
UG – B.Tech/B.E. – Automobile | Mechanical | Production/Industrial,
PG – Post Graduation Not Required

Assistant manager: 0-3 year
Diploma – Electronics/Telecomunication | Mechanical Engineering
G – B.Tech/B.E. – Automobile | Mechanical | Plastics | Production/Industrial
PG – Post Graduation Not Required

Apply online

please click the link to apply online

Interview Process

  • Resume clarification
  • Technical HR
  • Personal HR

Resume Clarification

Its the process of verifying the resume or CV for the requirement, more over the completion the experience is mainly considered.
note: the completion of degree is not necessary for the above mentioned jobs

Technical HR

Its a process of checking the technical knowledge of the person.

It will be conducted as a face to face interview process with the HR panel as well as with the technical personality in the company, their intention is to select the most experienced as well as the technical knowledged person who can work with the latest technology in their field to pramot the departments quality.

Personal HR

Its the process of checking the person can work for the company, their mindset, their patient, their approach to any problem

some of the questions are

Tell us about yourself

Ans: I am ___________ ,I am from __________, I previously worked in (company name) for the past ______ years, as a (designation) _________.

Why do you have choose our company

Ans: I know as a part of your company i will get tons of experience and i can improve myself as a individual, your company will validate the valients, so i believe that my work will be greatly appreciated.

How do you think that your experience will assert your career

Ans: I greatly believe that my experience will make me an assert in my field and take me to great height.

If you won $10 million lottery, would you still work?

Ans: I always want to be honest under any situation, If i won $10 million i will ask myself a question
“Do you have enough experience to run a company” if i have answer i will start my own company. or still i got answer for that question i will work

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