Hon Hai Precision Industry Placement

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Hon Hai Precision Industry Placement process:

Candidates are required to submit their resume and cover letter to foxconn. The information from the candidate is stored in their official website. The hiring managers and human resource professionals access the information.

This database remains active for 2 years. Each time there will be an opening  your information will be searched  to see if it matches the job requirements. Managers will then call the candidates who best fits their job profile.

Job opportunities: Hon Hai Precision Industry Placement:

In order to get a job at  Hon Hai Precision Industry, the candidate must apply at their official website and thereby after the scrutiny of the related CV ant the specific candidate will thereby be called for the later interview procedure at the company itself.There will few rounds in order to qualify for the company.

Requirements for candidates: Hon Hai Precision Industry Placement

The candidate must be of the age above 21 years and minimum aggregate should be 65% throughout the course or 6.5. special preference would be given to the electrical field students.and thus they are mostly required there.

The candidate qualifying  would later be called for various rounds.The Rounds are:

1.Technical Round:

In the technical round the candidate is asked various questions relating to the electrical fields and these are

Q1: What is the difference between earthing and grounding?

Q2: Why transistors are not used as switching devices?
Q3: Define watt.
Q4: How are analog signals converted to digital signals?
Q5: Explain the differences between a transistor and capacitor.
Q6: Describe the functions of a diode.
Q7: Describe the basic elements of an integrated circuit.
Q7: What is a UPS?
Q8: Describe how energy is stored in an inductor on electronic level.
Q9: What is the difference between a Verilog task and a Verilog function?
Q10: What is the difference between a Vera task and a Verilog task?

2. HR round :After Qualifying the Technical round the next is HR round, and the questions for it are:

Q1 Tell me about yourself?

Q2 What are your greatest strengths?

Q3 What are your greatest weaknesses?

Q4 Would you be able to carry along with the conditions at japan?

Q5 Are you easily relocatable ?

The candidates who are capable enough to suffice these requirements are taken up by the company.


hon hai precision industry placement

Hon Hai Precision Industry

About the company:

When it comes to manufacturing and sales of computers, how can you ever forget about the famous  Hon Hai Precision Industry. They are also involved in communications and consumer electronics 3C products, they are also the manufacturers of 3C connectors, wire products and other components that are there in communications. They are the leading market in the world today and are really very successful today. The new brains who can excel in this field are making the of it. They are taking it as an advantageous option, for their career growth.  Hon Hai Precision Industry is providing many people with job opportunities, but before making it as your career option, you should also know the history about the company.

History of Hon Hai Precision Industry:

Hon Hai Precision Industry started working as Foxcon,it is one of the Taiwanese, it is one of the leading multinational electronic company, founded in the year 1974. It has its headquarters at Tucheng, Taiwan. Hon Hai Precision Industry is one of the prime company, it is in original design manufacturing process, and it has its  clients in major America, Europe, and also in  Japan.It is electronics and information technology companies.

In the year 2001 Intel Co is concentrated upon its core competence of chip making and they also began using Chinese contract manufacturers such as Foxconn to make Intel-branded motherboards.

In the year 2007 Foxconn announced few  plans to build a new US$500 million plant, that is situated in Huizhou, Southern China.

In 2012 Foxconn agreed to acquire a 10 percent stake in the Japanese electronics company, named Sharp Corporation for an amount of US$806 million, and also to purchase up to 50 percent of the LCD displays produced at Sharp’s plant in japan.

In 2012 Foxconn announced plans to invest US$494 million in the construction of five new factories in, Brazil, thereby creating 10,000 jobs.

wish a very good luck and give your best.

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