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The Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development (OCLD) was established in 1966. Today, management training programs at OCLD are considered among the best in Asia and a benchmark for international excellence within the hotel industry. In this section, find the latest placement papers of OCLD ( The Oberoi Center of Learning and Development ) included all the topics. Still if it contains any type of error please do let us know through the comment section using the comment box. Any type of suggestions will be highly appreciated.


Directions: Each of the following question has a question and two statements labelled as (i) and (ii). Use the data/information given in (i) and (ii) to decide whether the data are sufficient to answer the question record your answer as

a) if you can get the answer from (1)alone but not from (2)
b) if you can get the answer from (2)alone but not from (1)
c) if can get the answer from (1)and (2)together, although neither statement by itself sufficient
d) if statement (1)alone suffices and statement (2) alone also suffice.
e) if can’t get the answer from statements (1) and (2) together you need more data.

1)what will be the population of city X in 1991?

  1. populatino of city % has 55 annual growth rate
  2. In 1991,the population of city X was 8 million

Ans : C

2) was it rani’s birthday yesterday?

  1. lata spends rs 100/ in rani’s bitrth day
  2. lata spends rs 100/ yesterday

Ans : E

3)is 3*5 is greater 4*6?

  1. a*b =b*a
  2. a*b is the remainder of ab%(a+b)

Ans : B

4)will the graph X-Y pass through the origin?

  1. x proportional to the Y
  2. increment in y per units rise of x is fixed.

Ans : E

5) what was the value of the machine 2 years ago?

  1. the deprecition of the value of the machine per year is 10%
  2. present value of the machine is rs 8000/

Ans : C

6) What will be the area of a square that can be inscribed in a circle?

  1. Radius of the circle is T
  2. Length of a diagonal of the square is 2r

Ans : D

7. What is the area of the shaded portion (assume AB, CD are arcs of two circles with centre at o.)

Here one arc figure is there

  1. CA=20m
  2. CB=5m

Ans: C

8) There are two figures viz., a circle and a square. Which having greater area?

  1. Perimeter of the circle is the same as the perimeter of the square.
  2. Eleven times the radius is equal to seven times the length of one side of the square.

Ans: D

9) A candidate who was found to be under weight in medical test had been selected provisionally subject to his attainment of 60Kg weight within one year. What should be the percentage increase of his weight so that selection is confirmed after one year.

  1. Weight (Kg)=16+8 Height (ft) is standard equation for the Indian population. The candidates height is 5.5
  2. His present weight is 55Kg.

Ans: D

10) Is angle theta=90

  1.  sin**2(theta)+cos**2(theta)=1
  2. sin**2(theta)-+cos**2(theta)=1

Ans:  E

11) What will be the average age of workers of an Institution after two years?

  1. Present average age is 35 years
  2. There are total 20 workers in the Institution

Ans: A

12. What is the area of the trepazium abcd wher Ab is 5cm

  1. BC=7CM
  2. AB+CD= 16CM

Ans: B or C

13) Is AB>AM ( A Triangle is given )

  1. AB<AC
  2. M is any point other than B and C on BC

Ans: E

14) Is X^2+Y^2<X+Y?

  1.  0<X<1
  2.  0<Y<1 and X!=Y (X not equal to Y)

Ans:  C

15) Can it be concluded that angle ABO = angle ODC

  1. ABCD is a Parallelogram and O is the point of intersection of the diagonals.
  2. Angle DOC =75deg. and angle DAO =35deg

Ans :  A

Directions :  Each sentence below has one or two blanks each blank indicating that something has been omitting  beneath the sentence or five letter words . choose the word for set of words for each  blank that best fits the meaning of one sentence as a whole.

16. The air was bitter cold, the temperature well below the freexzing point , yet they found themsemlevs ——freely as they clamsered up the steep northern slope

Ans: disporting

17. We were taken       when we       of his difection never having suspected that he was anything but loyal. So capacble had been his —-or     and devotion to cease

Ans: presentiment

18. WAR and peace are mutually(——-)states of being and warto preserve peace not a paradox . It is a(—–)

Ans: C    incompatable — contridction

19. For those who believe in the ————theory of history being ———–is ipso facto testimony to behind the senses intrigue and plotting.

Ans: E   marxist   –confession

20.  Although the injury appeared —————- the examination by the opthamilogist revealed that he would need immediate surgey to save his signt.

Ans: Superficial

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