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How to prepare for 10th boards exams 2018 in 50 days ?

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Prepare  10th Board Exams 2018 in just 50 days !

Prepare  10th Board Exams 2018 in just 50 days -Class 10th is the base  of  achievements in student’s life and career ahead. A good result in the secondary examination to a great extent will decide as which stream one has to choose for making a bright future. Hence, it is important that students get a proper guidance and understanding in the study methods of class 10th subjects .

With  10th boards exams 2018 round the corner I am sure all students appearing for the 10th boards exams must be going through lot of ups and down in their stomach and might be going through lot of emotional changes.  So through this post we will try and help you in the preparation for the 10th boards in just 50 days. Thus with this post students can study and manage time for all subjects . For your this age in studies  the boards exams are considered as the first challenge that you might face .



CBSE class 10 board exam Marking scheme Blueprint

class 10 board exams

Hence with just 50 days away for the  exams find these  useful preparation ways  :-

  1. You need to plan your study time very smartly and  ensure that you give the required amount of time to each subject according to their syllabus and materials. You can actually start preparing from the last exam in reverse order as that will leave you with preparing for the very first paper just two weeks before.  
  2. Well it is very fewer times  that you might need to face certain questions not related to your syllabus hence you need to know about each and every concept and topics . Never ignore any diagrams or illustrations in the questions as you might face questions from any chapter.
  3. Try to find time and solve at least last 10 years question papers so that you get a fair idea about the question pattern and the most popular ones. While solving these papers you actually come to see the various repeated questions and you are actually exam ready.
  4. For almost all subjects you need to memorise formulas,dates and also notes. You definitely need to memorise it by heart in time. Prepare small cards or stickers with these formulas and keep it handy as that will help you to revise it whenever you need to.
  5. You will need to chalk out as how much time you are requiring to finish your exams or answer a question. As that will help you to concentrate on your speed and accuracy. Find out your weaknesses and work on it.
  6. Try to allot a group study time for yourself. As that will help you to solve all your doubts with your friends advice. If you have any left out part in syllabus the group study will help you know if you need to complete it .
  7. Try to wake up early and start studying as that time will give you less disturbances and allow you more to concentrate. Though this formula does not works for everyone as some might consider the late night time to be the best so it totally depends on your comfort factor.
  8. Do not leave out your weak points in subjects,as the results are aggregate of all subjects. You need to provide equal weightage for every subject and keep practising more and more. As ignoring any one subject might cause you a big harm and a big frop in your averages. Practising for all subjects by the end will make you very comfortable and confident.
  9. Your health is a very important issue hence you need to understand that you need to take care of it during the exams time and ensure good sleep with 4 time meals .The more healthier you are the better it is .
  10. Try not to compare your pre board marks and decide on right and wrong as that will only increase your worries ,instead learn to concentrate on your own efforts and keep your hobby going.

So preparation for 10th boards in just 50 days is possible but completely depends on how the 50 days time is being utilized. So now subject wise,  find out how to prepare for 10th boards in 50 days :-

For Science

 You need to concentrate  on physics,chemistry and biology subjects. Prepare a separate handy list for important formulas, experiments . Never ever try to skip the science lab classes as science experiments done in the lab are very useful. Try consulting the NCERT books for scoring well almost all the questions revolve around it .Many formulas demand them to follow strictly and use them correctly.

For Physics get a good hold on the basic concepts and memorise the formulas and theorems.Try to find out formulas from last 10 years question papers and solve them .

 1) Sample paper of physics-ICSE for class-X on WORK
2) ICSE Sample Paper of Physics Class 10th

For Chemistry you do not require much time for preparation as this is a very scoring subject . You can score high by solving problems by in depth study and practise. Revise the name reactions and follow the chart of formulas.

For Biology provide special attention to diagrams and their theories. Remember the important terms and functions .This subject requires  lot of memorisation of quite difficult terminology hence write it down to remember well.

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For Mathematics


You need to concentrate on geometry ,trigonometry and concept of numbers. First you need to memorize down the maths formulas as they seem quite general but they are often seen in previous years question papers. Keep the formulas sheet very handy for revision. Revise all the maths formula thoroughly and if you are planning to score high then follow the NCERT books. Always read the problem repeatedly to get the exact idea of the question and then find its answers.Always be methodical while solving maths questions.

1) ICSE sample papers of maths for class10
2) ICSE Class 10 Accounts Sample Paper
3) ICSE sample paper of maths for class 10th

For Social Studies

First go through the entire course and understand the subject and then make a list of the important subjects and topics according to the marks they carry and easy to tough chapters and thus prepare a study schedule.  Make important notes of points you think is necessary .Also try to make a chart of important dates to be remembered as that might help you in proper revision. Practise the map work by denoting the important locations and then try to locate it on an empty map. Do not try to memorize political science and economics it is always better to understand them. Do solve previous years question papers and start writing within word limitation.


For English  

In unseen passage there is no efforts required comparative to others and hence try to score well for this section. Considering the writing skills always stick to the formats. Go through the sample letters and articles from reference books to improvise on your thinking power .For grammar the only thing that works is practice ,thus try to attempt as many questions you can. For the Literature section in poems always have the class notes ready .Do practice the previous years question papers and remember your aim should be writing at least 150 to 200 words for every 3 to 4 paragraphs.

1) English Sample Papers for Class 10 ICSE
2) ICSE English Sample Paper Class X

For Hindi  

This is comparatively quite scoring but if you really mean to score high then you need to follow the NCERT books religiously. Try to lay your hands on a question bank cum guide to practice questions. Try to solve past years question papers as you might find some repeated questions.

After finishing NCERT book question one can go for questions of other practice books for CBSE board exams 

For study materials and

For any feedback or queries do leave your valuable suggestions in the comment sections below.


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