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A screening mesh filter is a type of filter that using the filtering sheet or mesh to separate the dust particles from the fluid. The filtering screening is fit in the filtering media and taking out the particles with the process of distillation, absorbing, evaporating. Such types of the process are applicable in the field of petroleum, chemicals, machining, metallurgical, auto-mobile and many such systems.
At the early period polyester taking the part for the making of meshing medium but after we get the good filtration with the silk cloth. And now a day we are equipped with the polyester screening mesh because of its more durability and efficiency.


It is made with the polyester woven meshing with 20 to 500 meshes. A plastic mesh may be done with the oriented form of the material such as nylon, polyester woven, polyethylene and PVC. These are the type of the filter sheets in the circular form having the right orientation of the meshing. It is constructed in such a way that when we applied the fluid medium in it then it holds the large particle first at these outer surface and then the tiny particles are hold in the inner surface of the meshing. Basically the filter material used is made by the woven polyester because it contains the best quality of the filtering process in it.
The meshes are prepared according to the size of the filter bags. Generally these meshing filter are fit in all the standard sizes but according to the customer demand, their dimension may be changed thoroughly.


There are approx 20 to 500 mm meshing in the filter.
The standard sizes of the woven mesh is lies between in the range of 25 micro me to 125mm.
The tensile strength of these material is very good because of its material property.
The polyester screen cloth have the more durability than other meshes.


A polyester screen woven meshing have the durability, tensile strength, good abrasion capacity and resistance from the chemicals.
The polyester screen meshing has the better consistency for heat and the moisture content in it.
The meshing screen is complete with the help of particle size to the mesh size ratio.


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