Syllabus of WBJEE JEM with Eligibility Criteria

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WBJEE or West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination is a state – government controlled centralized examination which is taken after 12th for seeking admission for graduation in engineering and medical like professional courses in different private and public colleges in West Bengal. Especially the JEM is meant for the admission in Medical course. Every year almost 3 lakh students are taking the test. This number is also increasing year by year.

Here we have provided the detailed eligibility criteria and syllabus for the WBJEE JEM. We have also provided the syllabus and eligibility criteria of:

Eligibility Criteria

1.       Applicant must be citizen of India
2.       Must be seventeen years of age as on 31st December
3.       Residential / Domicile Requirement

Type of Institute

Domicile Requirement

State Aided UniversitiesNO
Government Engineering / Technical CollegesYES
Self Financed InstituteNO

Candidates must be residing in West Bengal for atleast 10 years as on 31 December or his / her parents must have a permanent address in West Bengal.
4.       The intending students have to submit Residential / Domicile certificate which has to be signed and certified by any competent authorities of Central Government or State Government who is having local jurisdiction over the place of the permanent address of the candidates or the parents.
5.       The SC / ST students have to place their Caste certificates which must be issued by any officer who is authorized with it.
6.       SC / ST students from other states will be treated as general category students.
7.       Person with Disabilities has to produce PwD certificate which must be issued by any competent authority.
8.       Students must pass with atleast 60% with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as subjects with Mathematics as additional.

Syllabus of WBJEE JEM


1.       Algebra

a.     AP, GP, HP
b.     Logarithm
c.     Complex Numbers
d.     Quadratic Equations
e.     Permutation and Combination
f.      Mathematical Induction
g.     Binomial Theorem
h.     Infinite Series
i.      Matrices
j.      Sets, Relations and Mapping
k.     Probabilility

2.       Trigonometry

a.       Co – ordinate Geometry

i.      Basic Idea
ii.     Straight Line
iii.    Circle
iv.    Conics
v.     Parabola
vi.    Ellipse and Hyperbola

b.      Calculus

i.     Differential Calculus
ii.    Integral Calculus
iii.   Differential Equations
iv.    Applications

Detailed Syllabus of Mathematics in pdf format…


1.       Mechanics and General properties of matter
2.       Gravitation
3.       Elasticity
4.       Hydrostatics and fluid mechanics
5.       Vibration
6.       Wave motion
7.       Thermal Physics
8.       Thermodynamics
9.       Optics
10.     Electrostatics
11.     Current Electricity
12.     Electromagnetism
13.     Electromagnetic Induction
14.     Modern Physics

Detailed Syllabus of Physics in pdf format…


1.       Atoms, Molecule and Chemical Arithmetic
2.       Atomic Structure
3.       Radioactivity and Nuclear Chemistry
4.       The Periodic Table and Chemical Families
5.       Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
6.       Gaseous State
7.       Chemical Energetics and Chemical Dynamics
8.       Chemical Equilibria
9.       Chemical Dynamics
10.     Physical Chemistry of Solutions
11.     Ionic and Redox Equilibria
12.     Redox Equilibria
13.     Chemistry of non – metallic elements and their compounds
14.     Halogen
15.     Chemistry of Metals
16.     Chemistry in Industry
17.     Silicon Carbides and Silicone
18.     Chemistry of Carbon Compounds
19.     Aliphatic Compounds
20.     Introduction to Bio – molecules
21.     Principles of qualitative analysis

Detailed Syllabus of Chemistry in pdf format…


1.       Unit of Life
2.       Ultra structure and functions of cellular components
3.       Microscopy
4.       Physical and Chemical principles involved in maintenance of life process
5.       Biomolecules
6.       Carbohydrates
7.       Proteins
8.       Nucleic acids
9.       Enzymes
10.     Chromosomes and cell division
11.     Brief idea of polytene chromosomes
12.     Genetics
13.     Origin, evolution and diversity of life
14.     Taxonomy and Classification
15.     Concept of Biodiversity
16.     Population Biology
17.     Ecosystem
18.     Virus and Bacteria
19.     Biotechnological application of microbes
20.     Tissue and tissue system
21.     Functions of life
22.     Cardiovascular system & Blood
23.     Blood pressure
24.     Nutrition and Digestive system
25.     Metabolism
26.     Excretory system
27.     Nervous and Muscular system
28.     Cranial nerves
29.     Autonomic
30.     Synapse
31.     Endocrine system and animal hormones
32.     Immunology
33.     Medical, Agricultural and Economic zoology
34.     Application of Biology
35.     Biomedical engineering

Detailed Syllabus of Biology in pdf format…

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