TCS Placement Paper with Solutions

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TCS ( Tata Consultancy Services ) is the leading IT Company in India. It provides different types of IT services, outsourcing and also call centre services to firms. TCS visit different engineering colleges and universities in India for the recruitment of freshers engineers as ASE. In this section, we have provided the entire placement process of TCS with the latest TCS placement paper. Question has been taken from earlier TCS Placement process held at different colleges and universities. You can also check your strengths using the Online TCS Test Series. If it needs any improvement please do let us know through the comments, any type of feedback will be highly appreciated.

TCS Placememt Papers

TCS is Hiring !!

TCS Placement Paper
Total Time : 80 Minutes
Number of Questions : 30

1. The sum of first 40 terms 1,6, 7,12, 13,20 …. ?
2. What will be the 55th word in the arrangements of the letters of the word PERFECT ?
3. In how many ways can we arrange 7 different things to 3 people. All of them must get at least one.
4. (68-a)(68-b)(68-c)(68-d)(68-e) = 725 ? Find a+b+c+d= ??
5. A bus starts at 6:00 pm. from starting point at d speed if 18m/s. reached its destination. Waited for 40 minutes. And again returned back at the speed of 28m/s. Find the time to reach the destination ?
6. How many parallelograms are formed by a set of 4 parallel lines intersecting on other set of 7 parallel lines ?
7. If A works total in 10 days and B works total in 15 Days. If A+B of cost is Rs. 5000 then what is the share of B ?
8. Remainder of 2^47/47 ?
9. How many arrangements will start and end with a vowel for TOGETHER ?
10. IF X^Y denotes X raised to the power Y, Find the last two digits of (1941 ^ 3843 ) + (1961 ^4181 ) .
11. When the number is written in base b, we have 12*25 =333. The value of b is ?
12. Find the 25th word if the word RANKED is arranged in dictionary order….
13. A completes 80% of a work in 20 days. Then B also joins and A and B together finish the remaining work in 3 days. How long does it need for B if he alone completes the work?
14. 302 th of 1st year is Saturday. What is the 15th day of 5th Year ?
15. 1*1!+2*2!+3*3!…………….2012*2012!= ????
16. There is a tank, and two pipes A and B. A can fill tank in 25 mins and B can empty the tank in 20 minutes . If both the pipes are opened at same time. How much time required the tank can fill ??
17. At the end of 1994 Rohit was half as old as his grandmother. The sum of the years in which they born is 3844. How old Rohit was at the end of 1999?
18. A person starts writing all the 4 digits number , how many times he has written the digit 2 ?
19. If the lcm of 2 natural numbers A and B is 1260, what is the minimum possible value of A+B ?
20. Let n be a natural number, then n(n*n-1) is always divisible by ?
21. There is a circle with 2 triangles inscribed in it in opposite directions making a star. The triangle is equilateral of side 12. You have to tell the area of the remaining portion of the circle ?
22. For which of the following number 2^74 + 2^2058 + 2^2 a perfect square ?
a) 2012
b) 2100
c) 2010
d) 2010
23. The last digit of the expression 4+92+43+94+45+96+…….+499+9100 is ?
24. 2^74 + 2^2058 + 2^2n. what is d value of n make it perfect square ??
25. If 50% of the 2:3 solution of milk and water is replaced with water. What is the concentration of the solution is required ?
26. 4 Kg of metal contains 1/5 copper and rest is zinc. Another 5 Kg of metal contains 1/6 of copper and rest is zinc. The ratio of copper and zinc into the mixture of these two metals ?
27. In what proportion water to be mixed with spirit to gain 12.5% by selling it at cost price ?
28. A number has exactly 3 prime factors, 125 factors of this number are perfect cubes, total how many factors does this number have ?
29. How many 8 digits numbers can be formed with repetition by using 1,2,3,4,5 which are divisible by 4 ?
30. In a race, Mohan beats Sohan by 40m and Sohan beats Rohan by 80 m. Mohan beats Rohan by 10o m. Find the length of the race in m ?

Note :  TCS Placement Paper contains dummy questions to evaluate the accuracy of the candidates and we have not included the options, it will be help you to increase your accuracy.

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