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It is a effect with which a funnel and the velocity of the fluid increases as the cross sectional area decreases.the static pressure correspondingly decreasing although,it provides an enhanced air flow and volume in to the filter sleeves . Although the governing fluid dynamics and a fluid’s velocity must be increase as it passes from a constriction to satisfy the principle of continuity.Its pressure must be decrease that satisfies the principle of conservation of mechanical energy.However , if any gain in kinetic energy is there , a fluid may be lost due to its increased velocity and through a constriction is negotiated from a drop in pressure and the whole process is known as Venturies.

It is a component which is able to provide the enhanced airflow to the sleeves. It works like a duct which is convergent and divergent type. This type of duct is used to convert the pressure energy of air stream into the kinetic energy. The acceleration of air is done by the help of narrow part of the venture through which the air goes out. A venture is always fitted at the top of the filter tube.

Whenever a fluid such as water that flows through a tube that narrows to a smaller diameter.Although , the partial restriction causes a higher pressure at the inlet valve than that in the narrow end.However , this pressure difference causes to the fluid to accelerate direction towards the low pressure narrow section in which it thus maintains a higher speed.


It is available in MS and the quality of aluminium and steel

Cast iron and cast venturies are also available


It is used to measure the volumetric flow rate.

It can also be used to mix a liquid with a gas

In this cast aluminium and steel is used


Cargo eductors

The use of oil product and chemical ship tankers


It is the method that mixes air and flammable gas in grills or gas stoves and airbrushes

Water aspirators

It is the process that produce a partial vacuum by using the kinetic energy from that faucet water pressure

Steam siphons

In this , by using the kinetic energy that is from the steam pressure to create a partial vacuum


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