Wounded filter cartridge

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Wounded filter cartridge is also known as poly wound string cartridge filter bag. These bag are generally made by using used cotton, and polypropylene string wire. The wound filter cartridges are made by choosing the few appropriate raw material for wire wounding. After the carding of the wire they are wound into the cartridge. Its structure is rugged so that they are applicable for controlling the micron rating of the dust particles and are used in the gaseous or fluid filtration purpose.
The wound filter cartridge is having the low filter media in it so they are applicable to provide the high efficiency capability for holding the dust particles.



It is kind of deep filter cartridge which is made of textile string fabrics such as polypropylene or may be of cotton. It is having the shape of typical honey structure so that the filter bodies accumulate all the impurities present in the flowing fluid. The larger particles present in the particles are hold first in the outer region of the filter cartridge and the rest incoming very small particles are captured by the inner filtering surface. The structure strength is high so that the holding capacity of the foreign is good.
The filtration in the wound filter cartridge is achieved by the force of the filtering fluid and gravitational force is also acting to provide the outgoing flow of the fluid. On seeing the wound filter cartridge it looks as the shape of the tube which is having some dia. and length in to which the wire are wound totally in surrounding of it.


It is able to fit in the standard housing.
These are made in polypropylene and core polypropylene fibers.
It is easily installed and maintained type of system which is more effective in the filtration purpose.
It is made with FDA approved polypropylene that is government approved.
It is low pressure drop and high fluid flow capacity.
Loose outer layer and tight inner layer provide the deep filtration.


Micron Rating Belongs to 10 to 100 micron.
Material used is polypropylene.
Inside dia. is belonging in the range of 15 to 30 mm.
Outside core dia. is belongs to 60 to 115 mm.
Max. Operating temperature is 200 F for polypropylene.
Max. Operating temperature is 300 F for bleached cotton.
Max. Differential pressure 1.4 bar at 60 C.


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