Chapterwise Class X Chemistry Formulas

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Class X chemistry formulas

Class X chemistry formulas basic syllabus of Chemistry in class 10th comprises of ‘Chemical Reactions and equations’,’ Acids, bases and salts’ and ‘Metals and Non – metals’. The formulae pertaining to these chapters are given below:

Chapterwise Class X Chemistry Formulas:-

  • Ideal Gas Law:  PV=nRT                                                                                             where, n=number of moles and R=Universal gas constant
  • Combined Gas Law  :  (P1V1)/T1=(P2V2)/T2
  • Boyle’s Law: P1V1=P2V2
  • Charles Law: V1/T1=V2/T2
  • Gay Lussac’s Law: P1/T1=P2/T2

where P= pressure of the gas, T= temperature and V=volume of the gas

Now, defining Diffusion, whih is the rate at which two gases mix.Some of the laws based on diffusion are given below:

  • Graham’s Law of Diffusion: The rate of  diffusion of a gas is inversely proportional to the square root of their density or molar mass of the gas. Mathematically,

Diffusion rate 2/ Diffusion rate 1= (Molar mass 1/ molar mass 2)^ (1/2)

Effusion is defined as the rate at which gases escape through the pin hole.

  • Effusion rate= (1/density)^ (1/2)

Concentration is the ratio of solute and solvent. Concentration can be measured using molarity, molality and mole fraction; where;

Molarity=It is the ratio of moles of solute to the litres of solution. Its unit is moles/litre.

Molality=It is the ratio of moles of solute to the kilogram of solution. Its unit is moles per kilogram..

Formulas for Class X Chemistry by

Dilution, in contrast to concentration is defined as the diluting of a solution i.e. adding more solvent to the solution without adding more solute to the solution.


where, M1= Molarity of solution before dilution           
            V1= Volume of solution before dilution
            M2= Molarity of solution after dilution                                                                                              V2= Volume of solution after dilution

Now, the relation between the mole and grams is defined as:

1 mole= molecular weight of substance in grams

Henderson-Hasselbalch equation :

pH=pKa+log10[A-]/[HA], where,

[A-] = concentration of conjugate base                                                                                             [HA]= concentration of the acid.

These are some important formulae that are needed to be kept in mind.

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