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Hacking is an unauthorized use, or attempt to go around the security systems of any information system while cracking is similar to hacking, when it is done with wrong intension. Hacking refers to the process of making many modifications in the software or hardware to complete the objective other than the creator’s objective. Cracking when done with a wrong intension is known as hacking. Hacking includes following activities:

Computer Hacking

   Computer Hacking


1. Computer Security,
2. Computer Crime,
3. Illegal Operations,
4. Phone Hacking, and many more.


Computer Hacking Tips:

Since hacking is illegal one should keep the following tips while attempting hacking. Hacking in recent time is at such a boom and prevention from hacking has become more complex. Hacking is not dangerous for the Giants but also for the common person. Hacking is a danger from small theft to serious sponsored terrorism. It include spying on a person, stealing the personal information. Hacking can destroy your credits and can steal your secrets. You can prevent your computer form hacking by keeping the following tips in mind.

  1. Using Antivirus
  2. Using Firewalls
  3. Using Spyware
  4. Email Security
  5. Internet Security, and many more.

Using Antivirus:

Use Antivirus to Save your System

Use Antivirus to Save your System


Antivirus are one of the most common or basic tool to protect your data or computer from hacking. These are designed to protect your data from being get affected against the viruses. Keep updating your antivirus at a particular interval of time so that it can detect new viruses and protect you and your data. They can prevent unauthorized access to your computer, protects your system from viruses and close your data ports from unauthorized searching for any opening.

Using Firewalls:

Firewalls are the set of programs located at the network gateway, which protects the network from unauthorized access from another networks. A firewall protects your computer from offensive websites and potential hackers. Firewall create a protective wall between your computer and outer world. They come in two different forms:



  • Software Firewall
  • Hardware Firewall

Software firewall operates on a personal computer and protects it from the outside world where as the Hardware firewall protects a number of computers at a same time. While you are connected to the internet the firewall take cares of the unauthorized access.

Using Spywares:




Spyware is self-installing software which gather information of the person’s computer device secretly such as viewed sites and surfing habits. Anti-spyware software are designed to save your computer from hackers. They not only protect your computer by detection and removal of spywares but also preventing automatic installation of these malicious programs.  Spywares are truly a hacker’s tool, they don’t only collect personal information but also help user control in installing software’s and redirecting wed services.

Email Security:

Emails contain the most secret information of a person. Emails now a days are leading hacking tool. The basic tip to prevent hacking is to be extra careful regarding emails. One should never hand the real email address to a stranger. And should never open the link from any unknown address.

Internet Security:

The best way to protect your computer while surfing internet from hacker is to be careful. You can save yourself from being hacked by not visiting hacker controlled sites like porn sites, downloading sites and online gaming sites. Disconnecting your computer from the Internet when you are not online lessens the chance that someone will be able to access your computer.

One should always take measures to protect their data from being hacked and stay safe. Its better to take precautions then to feel sorry.

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