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CEH Jobs


Certified Ethical Hacker

CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) is a professional certification which is provided on the clearance of examination by International Council of E-Commerce Consultants. An Ethical hacker is usually hired or employed to find and fix the problem of computer security using same as of hacker’s methods.

CEH has a certified knowledge of how to look at the faults and the technique of fixing them. CEH are hired by different forms and organizations for the network security purpose. They are mostly hired by the companies for looking after the network security.

 CEH Job Hiring Posts:

  1. Security Analyst/ Engineer
  2. Security Specialist
  3. Cyber Security Engineer
  4. Penetration Tester
  5. Cyber Forensic Analyst

Security Analyst/Engineer:

Security Analyst/ Engineer is responsible for maintaining the security and integrity of data. He should have knowledge of every aspect of information security within the company. Its main work is to analyze the security measures and to check how effective they are. A security analyst must work with both Business Administration as well as IT Professionals for communicating flaws in security so that they can recommend changes that will help in every aspect of security.

Security Analyst/Engineer is responsible for protecting sensitive data of the organization. They are responsible for the security and prevent unauthorized access. It is there responsibility to secure the data and train the employee of the company how to secure their data.

Salary: The salary of a Security Analyst/Engineer is around $85,000. In Unites States this post have the highest salary packages.

Security Specialist:

Security Specialist have three main roles to be fulfilled. They are

  • Information Security,
  • Network Security and
  • Computer Forensics.

Information security plays an important role in most of the organizations. It is a state of affairs where information, information processing and communication are protected against the integrity, confidentiality and security of the data.

Network Security plays an important role in the organization. It is use so that the data can’t be accessed by any unauthorized person. It provides complete assurance that the network perform all the critical functions correctly so that it does not cause any harm to the data.

Computer Forensics is the process of detecting hacking attacks and extracting evidences to report crime. It is an application of computer investigation and analysis techniques in collecting legal evidence.

Salary: The salary of a Security Specialist is around $57,000.

Cyber Security Engineer:

Cyber Security is a wide range of technologies, systems, and users. It is a team of engineers who creates products and services related to cyber security. They protect our life affecting from hackers, computer viruses and network outages. They make us safe from hacking, tracking and attacking in the virtual world.

Salary: The salary of a Cyber Security Engineer is around $127,000.

Penetration Tester:

Penetration Tester has the job of PENTEST i.e. Penetration Test, which is an attack on a system to find the weak point of the security, and intension of getting access to the functionality and data. The uncovered security issues of penetration test are presented to the system owner.

Salary: The salary of a Penetration Tester is around $38,000.

Cyber Forensic Analyst:

Cyber Forensic Analyst are the computer forensic experts. They mostly handle the cyber-crimes cases.  They go through the cases to find out the fraud, and go through the computer to collect the evidences. These are the computer security experts.

Salary: The salary of a Penetration Tester is around $150,000.

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  1. Sonu choudhary says:

    Want to become a hacker


    i’m completed Diploma Computers and i’ve knowledge in Hardware&Networking,MCSE,HTML,Css,Photoshop,FlashMx,Autocad.now i’m doing My Bcom in Gitam unversity Distance learning education ,i’m want to go for Ethical hacking is it correct for my career to grow my self

  3. Tottadi Chaitanya says:

    Sir/Mam, I recently completed my CEH course and going to take exam on January 2016. I would like to know what to do next either OSCP or CHFI ?
    Thank You

  4. Hiren Bhensdadia says:

    What fields or key skills to be chosen after being certified in CEH?

  5. Abhilash Bhattacharya says:

    Many jobs are also available after the completion of ethical hacking courses. This article gives a good example of them. Must read for the aspirants.

  6. Ajitesh Shukla says:

    Aspiring students could find a good future in this field by learning the certified ethical hacking course. Article discuss all the details.

  7. reetika srivastava says:

    After learning this course one can get many jobs in this field. In this article there are certain job profiles for ceh with complete content.

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